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Ten Tools Millennials Use in a Job Search

A recent Gallup study revealed that 60% of millennials say they would be open to exploring a different job opportunity, and only 50% of millennials cite job satisfaction with their current position. Know what this means? The majority of millennials are always on the lookout for a new job and use their innate technology skills [...]

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Volunteer Your Way Toward a New Career

Volunteer work can be extremely rewarding, from improving one’s health to offering a sense of purpose. Did you also know that volunteering can help your job search? According to a report by the Corporation for National & Community Service, volunteers have a 27 percent higher likelihood of finding a job after being out of work [...]

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You often hear that researching a company you are interviewing with is a big part of preparing for an interview. You might think to yourself, “I already know the company; it’s been in my backyard forever.” Or you may go onto the company’s website, read the “About Us” page, and call it a day. Don’t [...]

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Interpreting Interview Body Language

  You walked out of the interview confident that the job was yours for the taking. You felt like you did everything right: your resume was flawless, you were impeccably dressed, you answered every question with ease, and your breath smelled just as minty fresh when you walked out of the interview as it did [...]

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FAQ: How Do I Move from Temp to Hired?

Question: I was just placed into a position that is “temp-to-hire.” What can I do to ensure I get hired? Answer: We hear this question quite often from those we place into “supplemental-to-direct” positions (our terminology for “temp-to-hire”). Career resource specialists here at Leddy Group offer the following words of advice on how to get [...]

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No Promotion for You!

If you have ever been passed over for a promotion, you know all too well that it can be a huge blow to the ego. Feelings of anger, resentment, depression, and humiliation can take over, which is perfectly normal. Don’t ignore those feelings; in fact, address them head-on by talking about the disappointment with a [...]

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The Value of Feedback and Word of Mouth Advertising

In an effort to reach their target audience, companies often use different methods to attract consumers, from placing ads in newspapers and on television to using newer avenues, such as email blasts and inbound marketing. However, nothing has been found to be more effective than good old word-of-mouth advertising. Nielsen recently reported that 92% of [...]

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Get Out There and Network!

Networking, by definition, means to make connections for a mutually beneficial purpose, such as exchanging information or services. Nowadays, we often relate the term “networking” with the word “social,” and think of it as using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online mediums to connect and stay in touch with friends and family. Another important aspect [...]