Program Administrator (Candidate ID: 209240)

Mark has over 30 years’ experience in Program Administrator roles in nursing homes with duties including operations, human resources, budgeting, A/P, A/R, payroll, and property management. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in hospital administration. He is available immediately for a supplemental or long-term position within 50 miles of Braintree, VT.

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Administrative Assistant (Candidate ID: 138392)

Cassie has been volunteering her time for a variety of non-profits for over a year in order to gain experience as an administrative assistant. She is very confident in her abilities, and her references applauded her organizational skills, social skills, and ability to complete tasks very quickly and effectively. She is proficient in Microsoft Word, [...]

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Real Estate Administrative Assistant/Customer Service

Judy is an administrative candidate with recent experience in the real estate industry. She was responsible for answering emails, preparing contracts, tracking orders and payments, updating a customer database, and providing a high level of customer service. She later became a Licensed Real Estate Agent for the state of Alabama before relocating to New Hampshire. [...]

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Business Manager (Candidate ID: 172552)

Diana is an experienced Business Manager with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. In her most recent role, she developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan and managed the company's CRM system. She has experience developing business plans as well as start-up services, such as incorporating documentation, partnership agreements, logo design and brand development, [...]

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Administrative Assistant (Candidate ID: 211127)

Until recently, Anita worked for the same company since 1990 as an Administrative Assistant. She was responsible for the clerical and administrative support of her department, preparing quarterly report data, creating billing reports as well as submitting invoices for payment. Her professional references noted her excellent quality of work and technical abilities. She is seeking [...]

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Aministrative Assistant (Candidate ID: 206012)

Michelle has worked as an Administrative Assistant for various organizations and currently volunteers her time to a community school, BROC Community Action, and a real estate agency to gain more experience as an Administrative Assistant so she may further her career goals. She is skilled in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and references note she picks [...]

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Banking/Customer Service Professional

James is a Banking/Customer Service professional who is flexible and a creative thinker. He has excellent customer service experience, earning awards in customer service, community involvement and product awareness in his most recent role. Past roles include a Sales Support Professional, Sales Associate & IT Systems Trainer, Bank Teller, and most recently Funds Transfer Specialist. [...]

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Banking/Customer Service (Candidate ID: 206084)

John is looking for a long term opportunity in the Rutland area where he can utilize his 15+ years of experience in Sales, Customer Service, and Bank Management. He is versatile, hard working, and excels at helping his company grow professionally and financially. In his most recent role as Officer/Branch Manager at a regional bank, [...]

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Quality Analyst (Candidate ID: 209906)

Amrita has 8 years of progressive experience as a Quality Analyst, with responsibilities in project planning, design specification reviews, technical documentation reviews, coordination with various teams, understanding the business requirements and user needs, and preparing documentation. She is proficient in using SLQ Query, Oracle, SAP, FICO and Microsoft Office Suite. She resides in Portsmouth and [...]

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Customer Service Supervisor (Candidate ID: 196624)

Christopher is an experienced Customer Service Supervisor who has worked in both call center and non-call center environments. In his recent positions, he has been responsible for scheduling and managing up to 25 customer service professionals, where he tracked call metrics and coached his team to improve performance. He is now seeking Customer Service Supervisor [...]

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