Featured Talent: Light Industrial

>>Featured Talent: Light Industrial
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Featured Talent: Light Industrial


Roger worked for years as an Electrical Lineman while completing jobs welding on the side, and has decided to pursue manufacturing and welding as his full-time career. Most of his experience involves welding heavy equipment [...]

Maintenance/Technician (Candidate ID: 206532)

Kristopher has experience as an auto mechanic and performing contracting work, including drywalling, interior and exterior painting, siding, roofing, demolition, remodeling, installing appliances and basic flooring installation. He owns his own tools and is able [...]

Senior Buyer (Candidate ID: 212887)

Cynthia has extensive experience in purchasing, most recently as a Senior Buyer/Planner where she managed over 80 supplies and actively participated in supply performance reviews while maintaining positive supplier relationships. She has worked in the [...]