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Looking for an Interim Solution to Your HR Needs? LeddyHR Can Help!

Human ResourcesThere are a number of scenarios that could result in organizations going through transition periods in their HR department. Sometimes, their HR manager leaves for several weeks or months due to vacation, maternity leave, health issues or bereavement. Or perhaps their HR manager takes a job with another company and there's a vacancy while the company works to fill this position. During periods of expansion, organizations may need extra HR support - and/or HR staff - to meet their growing needs. Regardless of the scenario, many companies rely on Leddy Group to provide HR transition services.

Organizations don't always have advanced notice that they'll need extra HR support, but they can always depend on Leddy Group for fast, responsive assistance. If a company's HR manager suddenly gets sick, called away or hired elsewhere, Leddy Group offers a team of HR experts who can come in to assist as needed. When faced with a "surprise" vacancy - especially in organizations with just one HR person - losing an HR manager for any length of time can be very disruptive. Our team can help.

Leddy Group often works with companies who are looking for an interim solution because their HR manager is out for a short period of time - such as on maternity, medical or bereavement leave. While the remaining HR team may be able to handle the department's day-to-day functions, they're still left without a senior resource to consult with in unusual or challenging situations. The organization’s leadership team also lacks the HR manager's valuable input on legal and HR issues company-wide.

Leddy Group's consultants expertly fill in on a senior level, providing counsel, strategy and advice, remaining "on call" for any questions, issues or concerns that arise. We can handle the "big picture" items as well as day-to-day support. When the HR manager returns after their hiatus, we transition out, allowing them to resume their duties with minimal disruption.

We also assist companies that are "in between" HR managers. When a company's looking to fill a vacant HR position, we excel at recruiting, interviewing and vetting candidates, and can find a qualified, talented person for the job.

During the search process, we can assist the organization with their HR functions, providing guidance to staff, supporting day-to-day operations, handling projects and developing systems, as appropriate. Additionally, we carefully manage the company's HR responsibilities so the department is prepared for a seamless transition once the new, internal HR person joins the team.

When organizations experience a growth phase, they can depend on Leddy Group to help them either create a new, internal HR department or expand their existing HR team.

Additionally, Leddy's consultants can help build or refine the company's internal structures, processes, policies and systems. We can support organizations with their legal compliance, creating or updating handbooks, training employees and/or managers, resolving legal issues, recruiting and hiring, handling benefits, answering employees' questions, troubleshooting and supporting other HR functions, as needed.

Smaller companies may not have had - or needed - an internal HR department previously, but due to expansion, they've become too large to function without their own HR team.

We help companies set up HR departments, suggesting the proper systems to put into place and providing advice on the role and responsibilities for their HR staff. We customize our recommendations based on each organization's specific needs and goals. Additionally, we can recruit, interview and vet talent to staff this new HR department and then train and support the individual (or individuals) once they're hired.

We excel at providing senior-level counsel, as well as managing recruiting/hiring, insurance and benefits, workers' comp issues, promoting job openings, enrolling new employees into the health insurance plan, managing terminations, and other HR efforts. With years of experience in a variety of situations and experience in many different areas, our team can step into any situation and deliver exceptional HR support. Our HR experts can provide an interim solution during times of transition or offer ongoing support for a longer-term need.

To speak with one of our LeddyHR consulting experts, contact us directly at 866-LEDDY HR or complete our Become a Client form and a member of our team will contact you.

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