In an effort to reach their target audience, companies often use different methods to attract consumers, from placing ads in newspapers and on television to using newer avenues, such as email blasts and inbound marketing. However, nothing has been found to be more effective than good old word-of-mouth advertising. Nielsen recently reported that 92% of consumers trust what their friends and families tell them about their experiences with a product or service more than any other type of advertising.

Almost gone are the days when people research in a costly monthly publication where to eat or which detergent effectively removes grass stains. Now, we rely upon personal reviews posted on websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or even Facebook to decide where we dine out, stay overnight, or bring our cars for service.

The Value of Feedback and Word of Mouth AdvertisingYou might wonder what this has to do with Leddy Group. Like any other business, word-of-mouth is the predominant advertising force in staffing. Because the group of people utilizing staffing agencies tend to travel in small circles, a company’s reputation is especially critical. If this group has used one staffing agency, they have probably used others, and the customer service “wow” factor is often the reason why one agency is chosen over another.

Staffing companies have to pay attention to their reputation in order to succeed. They have to make sure they deliver excellent customer service to their clients by listening to their needs and delivering results. Candidates have to be treated with respect in order for an agency to be positioned as a preferred employer. By providing a high level of service, we hope to create positive experiences so that our clients and candidates will spread the word to friends, family and colleagues, and we suggest that all companies do the same.

One way Leddy Group keeps track of our level of service is by distributing surveys and testimonials to gather important feedback so we can continually improve. So if you are a candidate, an employee, or a client, and we ask for your opinion on how we performed, please don’t be shy. We welcome hearing from you because we understand that your positive experience is crucial to our success. Please let us know what you think today!