FAQ: How Do I Move from Temp to Hired?

>>>>FAQ: How Do I Move from Temp to Hired?


Question: I was just placed into a position that is “temp-to-hire.” What can I do to ensure I get hired?

Answer: We hear this question quite often from those we place into “supplemental-to-direct” positions (our terminology for “temp-to-hire”). Career resource specialists here at Leddy Group offer the following words of advice on how to get offered a permanent position:

  • Take attendance seriously. Show up for work on time and avoid any unexcused absences.
  • Go the extra mile. Take every opportunity you can to show off your skillset. If you are asked to do a task that you know you can perform, then do it, and do it well. Offer to help with additional projects. Stay late or come to work early, if needed. Show you are a performer.
  • Add value. If you see something that could be improved, bring it up to your supervisor; even if they don’t take your advice, you show initiative and that you care about the job.
  • Have a positive attitude. A positive attitude not only makes you a more pleasant and approachable coworker, it’s also contagious!
  • Stay focused on your job. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to fit in by socializing or even getting distracted by office gossip. Remember that you are there to perform a job; don’t let cooler talk or gossip distract you from your daily duties.
  • Network. Networking is different from gossiping or socializing; think of it as LinkedIn versus Facebook. Make it a point to meet new people and foster the professional relationships that will get you ahead.
  • Give it some time. Don’t ask after your first day when you will be hired on. The company will want time to make sure you have the skills and personality necessary to fit the job, and you should take the time to ensure the company and position is right for you.
  • Make sure it’s known that you want the job. Once you know you would be a good fit, communicate your desire to be hired on to your manager and staffing company. Make sure lack of communication doesn’t let the permanent position slip away.
  • It doesn’t always work out. That’s right. For one reason or another, you may not be offered a permanent position. If that happens, your staffing company will try its best (pending the reason why you were dismissed) to find you other employment.

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