Our Resource Specialists meet new candidates every day, some of whom have used a staffing agency in the past and some of whom haven’t. Each of our candidates go through Leddy Group’s unique process, which we spell out on our website, before we present them for opportunities. What we don’t spell out are five important things every recruiter wants you to know to help set expectations before you being on your job-searching journey.

  1. Recruiters should be treated like an employer. Not only do we present Candidates to Client companies for supplemental, supplement-to-direct and direct hire opportunities, we also hire Candidates to place as employees for our company. That means from the moment you initially contact us, we are evaluating you as though you will be our employee. Are you dressed properly? Do you show up on time to our appointments? In what type of culture will you fit? Remember: first impressions are lasting impressions.
  2. Recruiters don’t have the final say in a hiring decision. Sure, we put a lot into selling a Candidate that we believe in, but as perfect as we may think you are for a position, we ultimately do not make the final hiring decision. Also, although we ask for feedback, sometimes we aren’t given anything more than, “He/she just wasn’t a good fit.”
  3. Recruiters will make recommendations and give advice/tips. Our goal is for You to be successful, so if we see an opportunity to improve your chances of success, you bet we’ll share that with you. That means we might give you tips on how to ace an interview or how to rephrase certain areas of your resume so your skills shine. We also can lend some company-specific tips based on our relationships with that organization.
  4. Recruiters need strong communication from Candidates. If you are looking for a certain salary or cannot work overtime, let us know. If your situation changes and you have found a position or are no longer interested in a career in a certain field, let us know. We can serve you so much better if you are up-front, honest, concise, and inform us if and when your situation changes.
  5. Recruiters want to help people. It’s in our blood. We find it extremely rewarding to fill a Client’s open position or match a Candidate with his or her dream job. In order for us to do that, we need to dig deep into what each Candidate is looking for in a job and what each Client is looking for in a Candidate. Please forgive us for asking questions and being active listeners; it only means we’re working to help you.

Have any questions about the process or about staffing in general? Contact Leddy Group! We would love to help!