Leddy Group Success Story: Donna Cardinal

>>>Leddy Group Success Story: Donna Cardinal

After 11 years with the same company, Donna Cardinal decided it was time for a change. She left the comfort and familiarity of her role to start a promising new job with another company, only to discover it wasn’t the right fit. She searched for a new position on her own for several months without success and decided to reach out to Leddy Group for help. Because of her skill sets (and a little bit of luck in the timing department), Donna was quickly placed into a supplemental position and recently accepted an offer to join the company as a direct employee. She also learned through the process that using a staffing company like Leddy Group is a hassle-free way to land a great career.

When searching on her own, Donna posted her resume on a state-operated website for candidates seeking employment. It caught the eye of Becky Fecteau, Regional Vice President at Leddy Group, who commented, “I loved her resume because she had a great mix of administrative and light industrial skills—warehouse logistics and job analyst—which were a perfect cross between our two departments (light industrial and administrative).” Unfortunately, there weren’t any opportunities at the time that matched Donna’s qualifications.

A few months later, Donna attended a networking event and met Laura Brunson, a Resource Specialist at Leddy Group. Ready to enlist help in her job search, Donna moved through Leddy Group’s qualification process, and as luck would have it, a client had an opening for someone with experience working in a manufacturing environment who also had strong administrative skills—a perfect match for Donna. After meeting with Donna, the client didn’t hesitate to make her an offer for a supplemental role. Becky says, “The position offered was a contract position with no promise of becoming permanent. However, we always tell candidates that we see opportunities arise just by getting your foot in the door.”

Nine months later, opportunity arose. The client informed Leddy Group that they wanted to hire Donna directly, and Donna’s official start date was January 3, 2017. She couldn’t be more pleased with her job. She says, “I love the company, and I was hoping they would hire me.” As for working with a staffing company, Donna says, “I didn’t quite know what to expect when I contacted Leddy Group. I thought I would be jumping around from job to job, company to company, and although that’s not exactly what I wanted, at least it was something. I was pleasantly surprised that I was offered a long-term assignment that led to a direct hire position. Working with Leddy Group was a fabulous experience. I was very impressed with the way things were done. I thought it was going to be a hassle, but it was just the opposite.”

Congratulations, Donna, on your successful placement!

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