After spending most of her adult life working in the fields of arts and education, Laura Edwards decided it was time to try her hand at something new. Without a specific job title or industry in mind, she went in search of a full-time administrative or customer service position and turned to Leddy Group for help. If you had told her then that she would be working where she is today, she never would have believed you. Yet, Laura has been so successful in her new role that she has been hired onto the client’s payroll and she couldn’t be happier.

When Laura first engaged with Leddy Group, she was placed in two call center positions and figured out rather quickly that call centers weren’t a good fit for her. She needed a role where she wouldn’t be required to be on the phone or use a computer for extended periods of time.

Having a better handle on what would and wouldn’t work, Resource Specialist Kristen Gauthier tapped into Leddy Group’s client connections to market Laura and her skills. “When I spoke with our client in Manchester and determined they were looking for an administrative assistant, I thought she would be perfect for the position,” says Kristen. “They met with her and felt that not only would she match their culture and team environment, but her skills would also be an asset to the organization.”

Laura, however, wasn’t so sure. The position was in the scrap and precious metals recycling industry, a far cry from arts and education. She was nervous about working in a predominantly male, blue collar environment. Her worries were allayed, however, when she discovered that she would be working among many women in the organization and that all of her co-workers, male and female, have been friendly and supportive towards her as she learns the ropes.

The job requirements of the position are also a good fit for her. “I don’t spend too much time on the computer or too much time on the phone, so it was really nice to have people at Leddy Group really listen to what would help me succeed and tailor my job search to what I could do best,” Laura comments.

Laura admits that the learning curve is steep, but her employer knew that they just needed the right person in the position and they could train them on the rest. “Part of my role is to pay money out to customers, so I’ve even had to learn accounting software, but everyone has been patient and nice.”

Congratulations, Laura, for stepping outside your comfort zone and landing a position in a new industry!