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Seven Tips for Transitioning from Manufacturing into an Administrative Career

For one reason or another, you’ve decided you’re ready for a career move out of manufacturing and into an administrative role. Maybe the shift work is getting to you or there’s little opportunity for movement or you just simply want to try something new. While changing careers is always possible, don’t let the roadblocks you [...]

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What to Wear to a Blue-Collar Interview

As a company that specializes in light industrial and manufacturing staffing, we place candidates in blue-collar positions like forklift operators, janitors, machine operators, HVAC mechanics, and picker/packers day-in and day-out. As such, we can tell you that whether you are interviewing for an entry-level picker/packer position or a warehouse managerial role, you only have one [...]

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Ten Tools Millennials Use in a Job Search

A recent Gallup study revealed that 60% of millennials say they would be open to exploring a different job opportunity, and only 50% of millennials cite job satisfaction with their current position. Know what this means? The majority of millennials are always on the lookout for a new job and use their innate technology skills [...]

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Staffing Industry Lingo, Defined!

  By definition, “lingo” means a unique set of words and phrases used and understood by particular group. Here at Leddy Group, we not only use lingo specific to the staffing industry, we also use lingo specific to our company. Terms like “direct hire,” “supplemental” and “supplemental-to-direct” are thrown around on a daily basis, often [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel valued, especially employees. Showing your employees your appreciation for their hard work shouldn’t, and doesn’t have to be, difficult. A few simple ideas include: Give them time off. Let employees schedule a day to leave early or come in late without using their vacation or personal time. Throw a party. Bring in lunch [...]

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Get Out There and Network!

Networking, by definition, means to make connections for a mutually beneficial purpose, such as exchanging information or services. Nowadays, we often relate the term “networking” with the word “social,” and think of it as using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online mediums to connect and stay in touch with friends and family. Another important aspect [...]

The Don’ts and the DEFINITELY Don’ts of Interviewing

Your resume got you through the door, and now it’s your time to wow a potential employer with your interview. Aside from preparing you for standard interview questions, our job as your recruiter is to give you etiquette guidelines to follow before, during and after your interview. Below is our typical list of do’s and [...]

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Top 10 Crazy Interview Questions

It goes without saying that the key to any great performance is rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. The same holds true for interviewing. You should always prepare ahead of time for the standard interview questions by practicing in the mirror, leaning on friends to have a back-and-forth, or holding a mock interview with your recruiter. However, all [...]

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