Customer Service Representative (Candidate ID: 54944)

Dustin has worked in a variety of customer service-oriented roles in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Most recently, he worked in the customer service department of a large retail organization, where he was responsible for providing consistent, high quality customer service while issuing refunds, credits, and generally handling any customer complaints. In other roles, [...]

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Receptionist (Candidate ID: 221090)

Are you looking for a dependable and pleasant office employee with data entry, customer service, and call center experience? If so, Kalie is looking for a new role within the general Rochester area where she can put her skills to use. Currently a Department Manager at a department store, she handles incoming freight and delegates [...]

2017-12-12T08:33:15+00:00 December 12th, 2017|Administrative|

Marketing (Candidate ID: 221198)

Jolene enjoys all aspects of marketing and would like to find a new, full-time role within 45 minutes of Dover, NH. She has a master’s in marketing and has performed in several marketing positions including Marketing Manager, Internet Sales & Marketing Associate, Marketing Director, and Internet Sales Associate. She has also worked as a freelance [...]

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Front Office (Candidate ID: 206043)

Jessica owned her own flower shop for four years where she handled all aspects of the business, and prior to that, she performed as a Medical Assistant and a Medical Records Clerk in a hospital environment. Jessica thrives in a fast-paced environment, and would like to find an office position where there is opportunity for [...]

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Customer Service (Candidate ID: 221123)

Connor is seeking a full-time, long-term position in the customer service field. He is a recent graduate who holds a bachelor’s in history and has past experience in customer service and teaching. Connor is willing to travel about 30 miles from his home in Claremont, NH. His ideal role would be a 1st shift position [...]

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Administrative Assistant (Candidate ID: 68818)

Are you looking for an Administrative Assistant who has a bachelor’s in business administration and nearly 10 years of experience in a wide range of administrative positions? Our candidate is proficient in several software programs including Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Raiser’s Edge, NetCommunity and more. She has performed as a Credit & Collections Specialist, and Intake [...]

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Administrative/Executive Assistant (Candidate ID: 105033)

Jeanine has many years of experience as an Administrative Assistant in a manufacturing and recruiting environment. In past roles, she has been responsible for supporting company presidents, vice presidents, department heads, marketing, sales, and IT directors. She worked for a well-known government contractor for 8 years, where she scheduled and coordinated meetings, booked all aspects [...]

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Editor (Candidate ID: 96223)

Erika has worn many hats in roles such as Project Coordinator, Executive Director, Editor and Professor. She has a strong editorial and writing background, authoring and editing many technical manuals, training materials, books, requests for proposals, etc. She is highly educated and is seeking a part-time, 1st shift writing, editing, or project management role in [...]

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Business Analyst (Candidate ID: 220602)

Highly skilled Project Manager/Business Consultant ready for her next role within 35 miles of Greenland, NH! Laura is currently looking to apply her varied skills from many office positions into a role where she can grow and where her contributions are valued. As a consultant, she has created business management plans for clients including management, [...]

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Customer Service (Candidate ID: 212773)

Charles has a strong background in customer service as well as IT/help desk, and is currently looking for a full-time, long-term position within 50 miles of Claremont, NH where he can put his extensive skills to use. For the past four years, he has provided local business with business operations, marketing, and technology support to [...]

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