Customer Service (Candidate ID: 95937)

Gregory has a strong background in customer service and sales. He is a self-motivated individual who ran his own business for 8 years and is looking for an office job that will take advantage of his intelligence and sense of humor. Greg is good with people and able to handle difficult situations that result in [...]

2017-11-29T14:50:22+00:00 November 29th, 2017|Sales|

Sales/Data Analysis (Candidate ID: 218132)

New to the area, Tom has served as a Data Analyst for the past 5 years, as well as an Assistant Manager for a pool and spa company. He attributes his success in both of these roles to his ability to connect with people. In addition to utilizing his abilities in a managerial capacity, Tom [...]

2017-11-22T11:11:57+00:00 November 22nd, 2017|Sales|

Sales/Marketing Manager (Candidate ID: 193308)

Sara has a strong marketing background wherein she has driven sales through advertising. She has worked extensively with digital and social media strategies creating content to enhance the brands behind the products she is promoting. She worked her way up from Marketing Specialist to Senior Marketing Specialist where she managed and expedited the packaging development [...]

2017-10-25T10:21:51+00:00 October 25th, 2017|Sales|

Sales Manager (Candidate ID: 206845)

Peter has over 20 years of successful sales management experience and is highly effective at moving product from manufacturing through to distribution and retail channels. Additionally, he is experienced in developing effecting sales and marketing strategies designed to increase sales volume and profit margins. Peter is looking for a long-term Sales Manager opportunity in Rutland [...]

2017-09-27T11:55:15+00:00 September 27th, 2017|Sales|

Marketing/Sales (Candidate ID: 193308)

Sara has a strong marketing background, experienced in driving sales through advertising. She has worked extensively with digital and social media strategies creating content to enhance the brands behind the products she is promoting. In her most recent role as Senior Marketing Specialist, she managed and expedited the packaging development and review/approval process for the [...]

2017-08-30T12:42:17+00:00 August 30th, 2017|Sales|

Parts Sales/Service Coordinator (Candidate ID: 170085)

Lisa has worked is parts sales in various industries including paper products, cleaning equipment, construction, and small engines. Oftentimes, she has taken on the duties of Office Manager, performing accounts receivable and management reporting, as well as responsibilities in sales, purchase order processing, and record-keeping. Lisa has also served as a Service Writer. She has [...]

2017-08-02T12:55:32+00:00 August 2nd, 2017|Sales|

Sales Manager/Customer Service (Candidate ID: 208385)

Peter worked for the same company for 20 years where he not only did inside and outside sales, but also customer service, purchasing, marketing, and special projects. He is outgoing and personable, which enables him to build strong working relationships with clients and co-workers alike. He is looking to relocate to the Hampton/Exeter/Portsmouth/Dover area, and [...]

2017-07-26T08:42:58+00:00 July 26th, 2017|Sales|

Inventory/Retail Manager (Candidate ID: 210540)

If you are looking for a Store Manager with extensive experience and are located within the Lebanon/Rochester/Dover area, you’re in luck! Edmond has only had three employers in his 25+ years of experience and is available immediately for a full-time, first-shift opportunity. He is skilled in inventory control & reports, distribution, customer service and managing [...]

2017-07-12T10:22:07+00:00 July 12th, 2017|Sales|

Sales/Management (Candidate ID: 170085)

Lisa is an energetic sales professional with management experience. She has had several Parts Sales positions with various construction equipment distributors, fulfilling customers’ needs by using electronic parts schematics and repair orders to ensure accuracy of parts ordered. She is looking for long-term opportunities in the Rutland, VT area, and is flexible with schedule and [...]

2017-06-07T13:23:23+00:00 June 7th, 2017|Sales|

Sales/Account Manager (Candidate ID: 155379)

Philip is an experienced Salesman/Account Manager. For over 15 years he was the Vice President of International Sales for a company that helps inventors sell their new products. He attended trade shows, conducted business in 40 countries world-wide, and sold products via TV, retail, and catalog. Phil is a quick learner with a positive attitude [...]

2017-05-31T11:56:45+00:00 May 31st, 2017|Sales|