Meet the Leddy Group

What makes Leddy Group a unique partner in the staffing arena?

It’s our Commitment to Integrity – A corporate guiding principle and a keystone of long-term working relationships.

Our commitment is to provide the right candidate for the job or not to send a candidate at all. The ongoing relationship is that valuable to Leddy Group.

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Finding the optimum candidate

Finding the optimum candidate means our screening process is second to none. Leddy Group has implemented a stringent system to ensure we find the right candidate, the first time. It starts with a comprehensive exploration and understanding of your hiring needs including all the requirements of the job, team and corporate culture, essential experiences and the desired character makeup. Then in turn, delving fully into a candidate’s experiences, skills and personality to confidently present the best individuals.

Delivering on our promise of integrity, significant up-front exploration, and continuous improvement to give you the maximum return on your staffing investment is a commitment that Leddy Group takes very seriously.

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