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Customized staffing solutions

One size does not fit all.
You’re not a number. You’re an employee.

Employment agency, employment service, temporary service...
don’t worry about “what” it’s called, but do care about “what” we can do for you.
Right sizing, expansion, work overload, special projects, vacancies...
short term, long term, “try before you buy”, immediate hire...
there is a myriad of reasons why our customers need you, our great talent... why you need a position that fits your needs. And let's not forget that the difference between liking and loving your position... is all about "fit" 


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Interviewing Successfully

Put your best foot forward! Haven’t interviewed for a while? Not sure how to prepare? Don’t worry. We've got you covered. We’re in this together.

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Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Everything from time cards and pay day, to work injuries and sick days, we've got answers in one convenient place.  Check out our employee FAQ section to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

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“Thank you for contacting Career Connections. After being part of the Leddy Group team for over 5 years we have now officially changed our name to Leddy Group. We have the same great team and service and are eager to serve you.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your staffing needs.”