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Customized Staffing Solutions

              Customized Staffing Solutions

One size does not fit all 
There is a myriad of reasons to have access to “on-demand” talent such as, right-sizing, expansion, work overload, special projects, vacancies, short-term, long-term, “try before you buy,” and immediate hire. 

No two candidates are alike
Best practices help us achieve consistency in outcomes. Customizing a staffing plan for each end-user is what drives success. In the end, the “fit” is most important. 

You are hiring talent – not a temp
You will never hear us call our candidates “temps.”  We value our candidates and field employees.
Temporary or interim refers to the type of assignment, not the type of person.  

A company’s greatest assets are its employees, regardless of employment status. A label or type should not render a person to be more important than any other. 

Comparison 1
Comparison 2

Why should you care that WE care?

In an industry that values the client-company relationship more than anything else, we believe that our relationships with candidates and field employees are equally as important as any other.    

The quality of the service you receive is directly related to how well we treat our candidates and field employees.    

Skills alone do not determine fit. We put as much emphasis on learning about the individual behind the skill set as we do on the skills possessed.    

We do not “place” then “forget.” We reach out, solicit feedback, determine job satisfaction and contentment.     

A happy employee feels valued. A valued employee is productive. A productive employee drives client-company satisfaction. 

That is what we strive for.