Jennifer Kirlis- Seasoned Professional Success

Jennifer Kirlis- Seasoned Professional Success

Jennifer Kirlis is a seasoned professional when it comes to manufacturing. Over the past 40 years, she has performed soldering, machine operation, inspection, wiring, and assembly for a variety of companies. Jennifer’s also no stranger to staffing agencies. She has used no less than 20 agencies over the past two decades to help her find various roles in manufacturing. When she was ready for a position with lasting power, though, she turned to the right company to help her find that role: Leddy Group.


When Jennifer came to Leddy Group in February of 2018 looking for a potential long-term opportunity, Regional Vice President Kristen Gauthier took one look at her resume and an opportunity instantly came to mind. The position was with a reputable manufacturing company in the area that offers its employees cross training, continued education, and opportunities for growth. When Jennifer interviewed, it was no surprise that with her level of skills and knowledge, she was quickly offered a supplemental-to-direct position, which she gladly accepted.


Flexible and always willing to learn, Jennifer moved around the company, learning new roles and products along the way. After working in several different types of mechanical roles, she began soldering, only to be moved back to the mechanical side, but this time as a trainer. “As a company that’s growing, they are continually adding new people who need to get up to speed quickly.”


On August 1, Jennifer was offered a permanent role within the organization. “Our client was impressed with Jennifer and chose to convert her to a full-time core employee after just a few months,” said Kristen. “I am so happy to see that both Jennifer and our client found this to be a successful match and we look forward to seeing Jennifer continue to grow.”


Jennifer says, “I’ve had a wonderful time since I’ve joined this company. Everybody’s been nice, and I’ve had a good experience with the bosses and the team leads. It’s a great place to work!”


Although Jennifer had the perfect blend of skills for this client, she came to the right place to find the long-term position she had been searching for. Leddy Group places candidates like Jennifer every day in long-term, short-term, entry-level and skilled manufacturing positions. Are you ready for your success story?