Dry Film Lubrication Technician

Dry Film Lubrication Technician

Speciality: Industrial & Skilled Manufacturing

Location: North Clarendon, VT, US

Type: Full Time

Posted: 10-18-2019

Job Description

Leddy Group is seeking a candidate for a 2nd shift Dry Film Lubrication Technician with a local company focused on engineered surface coating solutions and special processes.

Responsibilities of this role:

  • Applying a lubricant to parts with spray gun style equipment.
  • Review job folder to verify part to be put through dry film lubrication process
  • Perform visual inspection on parts for defects prior being put through dry film lubrication process
  • Perform appropriate dry film lubrication process per work instructions and job folder
  • Record and sign off on all applicable data defined in the job folder
  • Report all dry film lubrication problems, inaccuracies in job folder, damaged parts and/or dry film lube materials to Shift Lead.
  • Follow in-process inspection procedures as needed to verify current operation meets customer and job folder requirements.
  • Strictly observe all environmental, health and safety policy requirements
    • Keep work area neat and orderly at all times
    • Wear all required personal protective equipment when and where required
    • Report safety events, unsafe conditions, near misses, etc. to Shift Lead immediately

Qualification of Dry Film Lubrication Technicians:

  • High School diploma
  • Working experience in a production environment
  • Organized and accurate documentation skills with basic MS Office Understanding
  • Previous experience spraying in an industrial painting or coating operation is desired.

Interested candidates should contact Leddy Group to apply.  Email rutland@leddygroup.com, call us at 802-786-2222 or apply online at www.leddygroup.com.