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Employee Success Stories

“Leddy Group has helped me by making available assignments that are challenging and which pay well.

The company’s particular strengths are its ties to prominent employers and the professionalism of its staff. Leddy Group is careful to match candidates with positions for which they are well suited, where they can make the best of their skills and knowledge. The staff does this through careful testing and interviewing of candidates as well as by drilling down into the real nature of an assignment with its clients. Consequently, both the candidate and the client are well matched.

I would recommend to others who wish to be candidates of Leddy Group to meet with the staff so that their skill set can be evaluated. They should be candid and comprehensive in their description of their accumulated professional expertise, their previous employment history as well as their objectives for future assignments through Leddy Group.”

– John K. Casey, Lebanon, NH

“I have worked with several temp agencies over the past few years. I can say without a doubt that Leddy
Group, specifically the Dover, NH location, has been by far my most positive experience!

Their staff are great and very helpful. Becky is a wonderful person who has always helped me exceptionally well with anything I needed. I would recommend anyone who is looking for work to use Leddy Group- they are by far the greatest.”

-Ashley, Somersworth, NH

“Leddy Group is wonderful. I had lost my job after 14 years and was not looking forward to the many interviews or having to job search.

I happened upon Leddy Group when they advertised a job that was similar to what I was looking for. I applied and then learned what the company was all about. I thank God every day I ran across Leddy Group. I simply applied for the job then did the testing online. Leddy Group did all the work to find me a job that fit perfectly with my expertise and was the hours I preferred.

The representative I had at Leddy Group was absolutely wonderful. Thank you Shannon!! I had lost my job at the end of December but did not start looking until the 1st of February and I was employed by February 20th. I never expected to find another job that I would be good at and love so much. I highly recommend Leddy Group to anyone seeking employment. I cannot thank them enough.”

-Rebecca, Rutland, VT

“After applying for employment, I was hired – and within three weeks – they found me an assignment. The best part about my experience with Leddy Group is that the first assignment that I listed with turned into a permanent position!”

-Corinne, North Hartland, VT

“Today marks one year that I have been an Accounts Payable employee with the wonderful company that Leddy Group found for me. I am very happy! I think that Sarah did a great job with this match. Leddy Group, unlike other agencies, was very quick to find possible job matches for me and I appreciated that greatly. I would recommend Leddy Group to anyone looking for employment in the area – they will be pleasantly surprised.”

-Christy, Keene, NH

“When I signed up with Leddy Group, I had been searching for a job with a livable wage for over a year. Within a couple of months, I had a position perfectly tailored to my job skills with the possibility for substantial growth after being hired on as a permanent employee. I would recommend to anyone looking for employment in this tough economy to use Leddy Group. They will stand by you. They are an engine for success in the workforce.”

-Amber, Dover, NH

“I am thankful to Leddy Group that they were able to secure a job for me when I was unable to find permanent employment.”

-Linda, Enfield, NH

“I signed with Leddy Group recently and they found me a job within two days. They are professional and efficient. I will recommend this agency to my friends.”

-Marie, Arundel, ME

“Leddy Group helped me find work, and work that I enjoy doing! I will absolutely recommend them to others because I am very happy I came to Leddy Group.”

-Leah, Chichester, NH

“Leddy Group has been an amazing asset to my family. While it has been difficult to find a job in this community, Leddy Group has provided me some assurance that jobs are out there for me.”

-Jose, Nashua, NH

“Leddy Group helped me fill a critical financial gap between jobs. Once you demonstrate yourself as reliable and committed to your assignments, they will go all out and make sure you have work. The staff is very understanding and professional. Make sure your application is complete, your references are in order and available and your eligibility is good. Great people!”

-Erik, Bedford, NH

“Leddy Group helped save me. No one else has any jobs right now. On my own I have completed so many applications and have also gone through two other temp companies. Leddy Group was the only agency to secure work for me.”

-Laura, Rochester, NH

“To Leddy Group – Bedford Team: It’s official! I am a full-time partner at Felton, Inc. Thanks to all of you who helped me on this journey!”

-Greg, Manchester, NH

“I had a wonderful experience with Leddy Group in every way. When I first contacted the company regarding a position available, I was contacted promptly and professionally. Each step in the process has been equally professional, prompt, efficient and friendly. The entire time frame from phone interview to placement was within a week. I have been hired by the company for which I was placed by Leddy Group. They continually followed up with me during that four month period to make sure that I was satisfied with my experience. I constantly praise Leddy Group to my friends and would happily refer anyone to this company. A++++”

-Marie, Arundel, ME

“Leddy Group has helped a lot when searching for part-time work. They have a friendly staff that finds jobs quick.”

-Joshua S., Barrington, NH

“I was impressed with how quick the staff found me an assignment and I am happy with the pay rate and overtime. If you want good, solid employment come to Leddy Group.”

-Angel, Manchester, NH

“I have been treated very well by Leddy Group over the past 1.5 years. I haven’t had any problems since I started working for them.”

-Shawn, Barrington, NH

“Leddy Group started me off with a great company that is hoping to hire me fulltime. Best temp agency I have ever gone to.”

-Laura, Rochester, NH

“Leddy Group helped me by placing me at a job for the hours I have available to work. Their strengths include the large area they serve and their available opportunities.”

-S.F., Portsmouth, NH

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help in finding me this position. It is really a wonderful place to work. I will definitely be referring Leddy Group to anyone I know of looking for a job. Again thank you for all your efforts to finally find me a home!”

-Susan, Rochester, NH

“I really enjoyed working with Leddy Group utilizing their service as my income resource. When I had a situation arise in my new position, Leddy Group provided assistance to help resolve the problem fairly. I am absolutely happy to have found Leddy Group. I would highly recommend friends and colleagues to Leddy Group as their resource for career opportunities because they have people you can always count on. They truly look after you as you transition into your new position.”

-Yueling, Somersworth, NH

“Leddy Group was extremely personable for a company that surely assists hundreds of jobseekers. They were nice and relentlessly assisted me with my job search. After starting my hunt with them, I wasn’t unemployed for more than a week. And they are great at parleying my job skills into a match for companies in need of stellar employees. I am sure that if I need a job in the future, my first action will be to find the nearest Leddy Group office. Keep up the great work.”

-Adam, Rochester, NH

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