Ask Fran: COVID-19

Ask Fran: COVID-19


Q: We have facilities in 3 different states.  I am getting confused with the Governors in each state issuing different types of orders – Stay At Home – Shelter in Place, etc.  Is there one source where I can go to find all of these?


A:  Unfortunately as you described, orders are being issued on a state-by-state basis and changing on a daily basis.  Bordering states may have more or less stringent orders in place.  My best advice is to go on your state’s website where you can find the order for each state where you have facilities.  Most employment law firms have Coronavirus information on their websites and frequently have information for multiple states.  It is a very difficult time to try and stay on top of what is being required of business during this unprecedented time.

Here are some links to the New England states to help you stay up to date:

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