Electrical Engineer

Candidate ID: 346339

We are seeking opportunities within 50 miles of Lincoln, NH for our Electrical Engineer candidate who has a strong electrical and controls engineering background, as well as a bachelor’s in electrical engineering. This candidate’s strengths are electrical design (including PCB design) and troubleshooting. A team player who enjoys teaching and learning from others, this person is comfortable working with AC/DC supplies, DC/AC inverters, and more, and has a wealth of software experience including SolidWorks.

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Katie Hudson
Regional Director

Katie joined Leddy Group in 2015. She was promoted at the beginning of 2021 from Sr. Staffing Manager to Regional Director for the Lebanon market.  Katie is one of the only team members in our company who has successfully touched every specialty over the course of her tenure: Accounting & Finance, Administrative, HR, Industrial & Skilled Manufacturing, and Engineering.   

603.727.0102 | KHudson@leddygroup.com