Human Resources Assistant

Candidate ID: 337657

Bright and eager to learn, this candidate is finishing work towards a master’s degree and is continuing to build experience in human resources as an HR Assistant. Skilled in working with employees and assisting with questions as they arise, our candidate is professional, personable, and easy to connect with. This person is seeking full-time HR roles within the general area of Litchfield, NH.

Jessica LaPaglia
Regional Director

Jessica started with us in 2005 as the Recruiting Manager for the Work Opportunities Recruiting team. After helping us hire MANY of our internal hires, Jessica transferred to Leddy Group in 2014 working in our general staffing offices then officially started our Leddy HR Staffing Division (previously known as Spectrum Consulting) in 2015. Jessica currently sits on the boards of the Manchester Area HR Association (MAHRA) and the HR State Council of NH. 

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