Staff Accountant

Candidate ID: 335561

Our accounting candidate is currently in a project role and is looking for a more long-term opportunity as a Bookkeeper or Staff Accountant. A results-driven professional and manager, our candidate has an MBA in Finance and BS in Economics, as well as 20+ years of experience in the finance/accounting world, and has strong hands-on experience in quantitative/statistical analysis, budgeting, accounting and forecasting.

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Alie Wood
Senior Staffing Manager

Alie started with Leddy Group in 2016 as a Staffing Manager in the Bedford office. She is one of the few team members at Leddy Group who has worked with most of our specialty divisions. Currently, Alie is a Senior Staffing Manager based out of the Portsmouth office. Her focus is on recruiting talent and servicing clients for the Administrative staffing division as well as the Accounting & Finance staffing division. 

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