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Ask Fran: COVID-19


Can we reduce the wages and hours of our exempt salaried employees? Yes, but be careful.  On a federal level you do not want to reduce the wages below the exempt salary requirement.  Some states require that you provide an employee with a written document outlining the change of rate and hours. You would want

Leaders Beware – Google Done Taught Me Everything I Know


Google done taught me everything I know. I have been a defendant in only one court case. Sadly, that case contributed to my loss of interest in teaching college and is directly related to today’s topic. I’ll tell you that story later. When our founding leaders formed the United States, they wrestled with this paradox

Try Another Way

“Try another way” is a concept that inspired Joe Leddy to start our organization almost 37 years ago. Last week I had a few “try another way” moments that relate directly to our work in human resources. More on that in a minute. Marc Gold’s “Try Another Way” approach “was based on a few fundamental