Category: Management

When Do We Get Small?

When do you admit to yourself you have the wrong perspective? I heard a very cute story on a podcast recently that helps make this point.  A woman was sitting in the middle seat on a plane and a cute little girl about five years old sat next to her in the aisle seat. Her […]

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There’s Been a Theft, Now What?

Dear Fran, We have a serious situation at work and our management team doesn’t agree on how to handle it.  Our maintenance manager found an expensive tool (that has been missing from the company) at the local pawn shop.  For his records, the pawn shop proprietor takes pictures of everyone with the item they want […]

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What? Happened When? To Whom? Let’s Talk about Harassment.

Dear Fran, In light of the “ME TOO” movement, we had an outside consultant conduct harassment training sessions for all our employees. Since that happened, I am being inundated with complaints from employees of behaviors in the workplace. Some are concerning, as they sound like sexual harassment by one of our managers. Some just sound […]

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