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An Entrepeneur’s Dream Turns 40

March 31, 2022

by Steve Wood: Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur and never succeed. Why? Because successful entrepreneurs are very rare, and they are just “wired” differently. This week on April Fool’s Day in 1982, Joe Leddy, a New Hampshire native, left a comfortable, salaried position in government and created Work Opportunities Unlimited. Forty years later his creation has helped over

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Watch the Stories in your Head

February 8, 2022

by Steve Wood: Has this ever happened to you? I was at the gym yesterday on the Stairmaster when I saw a woman I thought I recognized named Linda. Within a nanosecond, though, I realized it could not be her because she passed away this past Fall. But then my brain shifted instantly into remembering Linda’s wonderful life

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Five Leadership Gifts from George H.W. Bush

December 13, 2018

by Steve Wood: Last week many Americans paid their final respects to George H.W. Bush, our 41st President. I had very high regard for President Bush, as many people here in the seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine did. Thousands of we locals met him, as I did four times including when I played one hole of golf

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Try Another Way

October 3, 2018

by Susannah Chance: “Try another way” is a concept that inspired Joe Leddy to start our organization almost 37 years ago. Last week I had a few “try another way” moments that relate directly to our work in human resources. More on that in a minute. Marc Gold’s “Try Another Way” approach “was based on a few fundamental

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