Cory Klardie – Success Story

Cory Klardie – Success Story

Cory Klardie is a man of many talents, yet during COVID-19, he was having a difficult time conveying those talents to potential employers. He applied for and inquired about many positions, yet it took a long time for companies to respond, if ever. Cory had never used a staffing agency before, but after receiving an email from Leddy Group, he decided to set aside his preconceived notions of what that would be like to test out the waters. It wasn’t the first time in his job search that he would have to open his mind up to new possibilities, but by doing so, he found himself in a job that was the perfect fit in nearly no time at all.  

Cory was self-employed as a cabinetmaker for several years after a long career as a Machinist. He decided to get back into machining, but the job search after COVID-19 hit was proving itself to be nearly impossible. During his search, he had received an email from Leddy Group that listed some job openings in the area and realized they had several machining opportunities throughout the state.  

After reaching out to Leddy Group online, Cory was connected to Senior Staffing Manager Katie Patterson of Leddy Group’s Industrial & Skilled Manufacturing division. Cory recalls, “I had a 45-minute video conference to go over everything about myself and what I was looking for in a job, and within 24 hours, they had scheduled me for an interview!”  

Although he was excited, Cory was also nervous. “The interview was happening so quickly, and I wasn’t quite sure if the place would be right for me. The company was a little bit smaller than the one I had come from, but in hindsight, I think that original company was too big for me.”  

Katie provided Cory with some encouragement. She said, “Cory came from a larger organization with more structure and expressed concern about working for a smaller shop. I explained that getting a feel for the company culture is everything!” 

Cory decided to continue with the interview, after which he knew immediately that the company was a perfect fit. He was brought on as a temporary employee on the 2nd shift and has since been hired on with the company and is in the process of moving to the 1st shift.  

Asked why he hadn’t used a staffing agency in the past, Cory said, “I thought they would take money out of my pay as a temporary employee and that if I was hired on by the company, my salary would be less than if I had applied on my own.” Cory actually found quite the opposite to be true. “It’s hard for a person to push for what they need for a salary and why they are worth it, so it was great to have Leddy Group convey that information properly. They definitely helped me get what I needed.” 

Cory also found that Leddy Group had great connections to businesses of all sizes in the area. He continued, “Leddy Group was very helpful at identifying what would be the perfect fit for me at this point of my life with my experience.”  

Katie knew all along that Cory would be a success in this role and with this company. She said, “Cory had a really hot skillset, was extremely responsive to communication, clear about what he wanted, and so was the client. When communication is there, it makes connecting the dots very easy!” 

Congratulations from all of us at Leddy Group, Cory. We wish you continued success in your career! 

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