Financial Statements for Non-Finance People

Financial Statements for Non-Finance People

financial statements

Financial Statements for Non-Finance People

Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

Presenter: Steve Wood


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Using easy to understand terminology, this webinar will describe different types of business financial statements. We will use a sample small business as a case study and will include examples of how certain human resource decisions affect financial statements. Participants will learn:  

  1. The elements of a balance sheet, which describes a financial position at a specific date in time 
  2. What is included in an income statement, which measures business activity over a period of time 
  3. The purpose of a cash flow statement and how it is different from an income statement 
  4. How a budget or financial plan can be designed 



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About Steve Wood:

Steve Wood is President and CEO of Work Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. He joined the company as Vice President of Planning and Chief Financial Officer in 1996, and was promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer in 2000. Steve also provides consultation to many executives of Spectrum Consulting organizational customers. An avid student of business for over 45 years, Steve has written over 150 articles, which can be found on his blog at

Expertise: Strategic planning, implementation, and tracking; managing organizational change; human resource development; financial and risk management, which includes designing cash flow tools, debt and bank negotiations, and managing insurance relationships.

Past Experience: In his earlier career, Steve spent seventeen years in the banking industry rising to Senior Vice President and Senior Commercial Loan Officer. He also taught courses for the American Institute of Banking.

For the five years prior to joining Work Opportunities Unlimited, Steve launched and grew a human resource and strategic planning consulting practice.

For over 19 years Steve served as an adjunct faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University teaching courses in both the undergraduate and graduate programs in such business subjects as leadership, strategic management, entrepreneurship, and small business management.

Education: Steve received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maine in 1975, where he was a member of the Senior Skull Society, and his Master’s in Business Administration from Northeastern University in 1987. He also graduated from the Williams School of Banking.

Professional Organization/Community Involvement: Steve has been involved in dozens of community and charitable organizations and is currently the Treasurer and Board member of the Portsmouth Rotary Club. Steve also serves on the Economic Development and Fiscal Policy Committee at the Business and Industry Association in New Hampshire.

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