Healthy Ideas

Healthy Ideas

As we enter the new calendar year, eating healthy tends to become a very popular topic, everywhere we look. With good reason! So many temptations lurk around every corner, especially when so many of us are working remotely. We would like to offer you these tips you can easily incorporate into your routine to boost your healthy eating and overall well-being.

Store healthy snacks.

Keep a variety of healthy snacks on hand to help ward off hunger. Apples, protein bars, yogurt, trail mix, carrots and hummus will help you get through that temptation to eat/finish off the holiday cookies, the coffee cake that the neighbor dropped off, and the thousand-calorie burrito at the curb-side pickup.

You take the care to plan your work-day approach, to prioritize your task list and to triage your calls. Do the same for yourself. Anticipate that you’ll need a calorie boost before launching that meeting that will last through the afternoon. Make that boost one that has complex carbs, protein, flavor and interest to you! It will go a long way toward holding you through that meeting, and trying to get your co-worker’s attention because they forgot they’re on mute, even though they’re trying to respond during that meeting…

Plan your lunch break.

Instead of eating at your desk or mindlessly grazing as you take that call on your headset and meander through your kitchen, set yourself up for success! Schedule a break away from your screen(s) and take a walk. Or do a quick workout that elevates your heart rate. Maybe you prefer to meditate? When you finish, grab that lunch you’ve thoughtfully prepared, and enjoy it. Eating with mindfulness is satiating and calming, and will set you up for a productive and successful afternoon of completing your tasks and cheerfully handling anything else that gets thrown at you!

About that lunch.

As hard as it sometimes is to get your act together in the morning, if you plan a lunch, you’ll be in control of the calories you eat and in what form. Here’s a tip: If you are eating leftovers for lunch, choose 80% ‘healthy food’ and 20% ‘other food’. The 80% will give you a full belly while the 20% will satisfy your craving for indulgence. Here’s another tip: Get a buddy system going. You plan the lunch menu this week for you and a fellow, remote co-worker. Next week, that co-worker shares their menu with you! Less planning!

Keep a log of what you eat.

When you see a list of everything that passed through your lips over the course of the day, you’ll understand why your pants are feeling great today (note that we didn’t say leggings, because we know that leggings always feel great) or why your pants feel snug. 

Brush your teeth!

Brushing your teeth after every meal is not only recommended by your dentist, the fresh, clean feeling will also help you say no to that sugary piece of fudge or candy cane that still hasn’t been finished off! 

Drink lots of water.

Water is necessary to stay hydrated, especially in the winter, and it also helps us feel full. It’s a fact that we might think we’re feeling hungry when we’re actually thirsty, so the next time you feel the urge to eat, try drinking one of the eight, eight-ounce glasses of water that are recommended each day, before you start munching on your third protein bar of the day. Yes, we know – some of the protein bars are really good for you. They’re also often a source of high calories that you’re not always burning off.

Take a walk after eating.

Walking will not only help you digest your meal, it will also help you burn some calories and clear your mind. This is our second mention of walking. There’s a reason for this! With the shift in so many work situations, we know that more than ever, people are working from home settings, and being stationary is too easy to do, especially at home. Take that break. Get away from your work station. Stand! Walk! You’ll feel better!

Coming through a season of “giving” should also mean “giving” to ourselves. Giving ourselves a break. When we’ve slacked off on the attention we tried to give to our diets in favor of just what’s handy/convenient/easy. Don’t stress yourself out about it; if you’ve overindulged, refresh your mindset, drink a glass of water, look at your plan, check in with your friend/co-worker, and you can always strive to make healthier choices the next day.

At Leddy Group, we understand the challenges and ease of remote working. We also understand the challenge and ease of those leggings that always fit right. Many of our team members will pack their lunches and plan their breaks, and will talk with their colleagues to make these simple and healthy choices that much easier to incorporate – keeping track of a goal is always easier when you have a plan and an accountability partner. We’re doing this for our well-being, and hope you’ll be incorporating positivity into your routine, too. Whether you’re looking for a new career in the new year, or you’re here for our insights, we invite you to check in with us. We’re paying attention to the job market and our burrito intake, and we’re happy to discuss both!


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