In the mood…for work

In the mood…for work

in the mood

In the mood … for work

Imagine this everyday scene: you arrive at work to start your shift/day, whether in the office or at your first zoom meeting of the day from your dining room table, and you hear: “How are you today”? When your coworkers ask this well-intentioned question, what pops up first in your mind? Your mood? When you respond, we hope you’ll be able to say that it’s going to be a great day! Not sure yet? That’s what we’re looking at today. We’re going to help you give that positive response, and be genuine when you do! Let’s get to work on your mood.

An ideal workday might start with your routine going smoothly, on time, and as planned. And, we like that journey for you. But we all know that our day might instead start as “one of those mornings,” which evolves into a day that just doesn’t line up the way you hope, and despite your efforts, doesn’t get back in line, either.

Whether you’re going into an office, or you’re working remotely, as constant as work is, a variable that will impact that constant is…your mood. A less than positive mood can get in the way of your productivity at work. Just as easily and perhaps with more power, a good mood can enhance your productivity. Clearly, the preference is that we all have a productive workday, and to have it supported by a good frame of mind (mood) is a win for you and your employer. How do you get to that good frame of mind? Is it as easy as following steps? Well, yes and no.  To get to Yes, following these suggestions is definitely a step in the right direction.

These are tried and true suggestions for that good mood that will make your workday a whole lot more productive and pleasant.

  • Eat (a well-balanced) “something” before you start work

Give your body the energy it needs. Boost your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar levels.  Improve your ability to concentrate. Don’t have time to make something to eat before work? Keep your desk stocked with healthy snacks like granola bars or trail mix for those extra-long mornings. Don’t underestimate the satisfying crunch of a carrot, and the positive power of good hydration! See more suggestions in our recent blog, Healthy Ideas.

  • Make friends

The work environment can be a lonely one if you don’t have a few friendly faces around. It becomes even more challenging for those of us working remotely. Building a good relationship with the people you work with can provide necessary comedy relief during a tough day, and a friendly voice or face when you take a break. Not to mention, no one understands your workload better than your coworkers, allowing them the potential to be great allies when you’re working on a project and need to share ideas.

  • Go for a walk

Take a walk outside and enjoy some fresh air. Take deep breaths. Take a walk on the treadmill while listening to music or a podcast. Walk laps in your building, or walk the stairs. See where we’re going with this? It doesn’t matter where you walk. You’re changing your scenery, and boosting your energy level. And what else? You’re improving your mood! Even a short walk can help improve your outlook. Give it a try. Tried and true!

  • Curate your workspace

Office, desk, cubicle… it’s your workspace. Put something that makes you happy in your line of sight. Set up pictures of family and friends, or maybe add personalized desk supplies. Whatever your space may be, adding a personal touch will make you feel more at ease, and lift your spirits.

A positive outlook is a beneficial outlook for you personally, and for you as an employee. When your outlook/mood is positive, a sense of value and belonging motivates you as you work toward your company mission. Find the happy, and you’ll find yourself a better team member, you’ll better weather the days that are more challenging, and you’ll find yourself in a position to be an even better ambassador to your company! At Leddy Group, we know about the highs and lows of work, and our expert staffing managers can help guide you to your next, best position.

If you are ready to talk about a new work environment, give us a call at 877-202-7005 and get to know us. We’re always in the mood to help improve your world of work.


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