Jack Wagoner at American Durafilm

Jack Wagoner at American Durafilm

Leddy Group has partnered with many great companies over the years, assisting them with sourcing talent for their workforce. When American Durafilm needed help staffing a new location, Leddy Group’s experts found top-tier employees for their growing team!

Jack Wagoner is the Production Manager at American Durafilm’s manufacturing location in Dover, NH, a custom-built facility that opened its doors in October 2022. The company’s other facility in Mooresville, NC was thriving, but it no longer had the space to keep up with growing demand for its high-performing medical tubing. “We were outgrowing the North Carolina facility pretty aggressively, so the Dover location was built,” explains Jack. “It was just me and one person when we launched.” He desperately needed to hire more personnel, but combing through online applications himself – all while getting a brand-new manufacturing facility off the ground – was stressful. Jack recalls, “I was spending so much time, not focused on how fast we were growing, and the other really important things going on here, but on just trying to communicate with these people and set up interviews,” many of whom would not respond or show up for their interview after all.

Then, Jack turned to other staffing agencies for help, but after a couple of promising candidates, the quality of prospective employees began to decline. “No one was able to provide me with the candidates I was truly looking for,” he recalls. “I am looking for quality candidates that are a good fit for what we do and can become permanent employees here. I felt as though I was just being sent any candidate available without trying to see if they’re a good fit, which ultimately never yielded any success.”

Jack decided it was time for a new staffing partner. “I started researching staffing companies in this area and came upon Leddy Group, so I decided to reach out and see what happens.” Jack was connected with Regional Director Becky Fecteau, who met Jack in person at a site visit at the Dover location in September 2023. Becky was accompanied by Ben Plaisted, Senior Staffing Manager in Leddy Group’s Industrial and Skilled Manufacturing division. Becky and Ben toured the facility, met some employees, and listened to Jack’s business needs. He was seeking candidates for two positions: production assistant and quality inspector. Both are entry-level roles with lots of room for growth. “The company has great benefits and packages, and it really pays for someone to be here for a while,” Jack remarks. However, because of the repetitive nature of manufacturing, he says, “You have to have a certain type of personality for the work. I’m really honest with what the job is with candidates. It’s not glamorous but it’s really steady. I think Ben and Becky understand not just staffing, but actual manufacturing.”

Ben got to work vetting potential field employees who would meet American Durafilm’s needs and thrive in the environment. Right away, Jack was hopeful that Leddy Group would deliver the type of employees he was seeking. “They actually listened to what I’m looking for and they attempt to find that candidate, not just a candidate. They are meeting the candidates, vetting them, and actually thinking about whether or not these people are a good fit,” says Jack. By October, two successful placements had already been made! Ben states, “Jack has been great to work with. He is responsive, clearly communicates, and gives great feedback. All of our field employees have been very happy working there. American Durafilm also offers a great bonus and profit sharing for their employees.”

As of May 2024, the American Durafilm team in Dover has grown to 12 team members. “Our relationship with Leddy has been great and has led us to many great permanent employees in a short amount of time,” says Jack. “I would definitely recommend working with Leddy Group so other companies don’t have to go through what I went through. I look forward to the continued success we’ve had with this partnership.”

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