Leddy Group Success Story – Hunter

Leddy Group Success Story – Hunter

Hunter needed a change of scenery when he relocated from Portland, ME to Dover, NH. His sister spoke highly of the area and Hunter agreed it was a lovely place to live, but his search for a new job was taking longer than expected. Then Hunter applied for a local job opening that was listed online by Ben Plaisted, Staffing Manager at Leddy Group’s Dover location.

Working with Ben instantly made Hunter’s job search easier. During their initial contact, Hunter recounts, “Ben was really professional and really nice. He asked me a bunch of questions to figure out what types of jobs I was looking for. When I came in, I was surprised that he had three job options lined up. It was a really quick process, which was definitely a highlight for me.”

When Hunter interviewed for a warehouse opening at a global oncology company, he was impressed. Every employee he met was welcoming, and the position sounded interesting. Hunter also noted the spotlessness of the facility; he shares, “I worked at a lot of warehouse positions, and the first thing that stuck out to me was how clean the warehouse was. It was kind of uncanny, to be honest.” Hunter’s previous experience made him a great candidate, and he aced the interview. This was no surprise to Ben, who says, “When Hunter interviewed at another company, that turned out not to be a fit, but the company had some great feedback that I shared with him and he used the tips I gave him during this interview.” Hunter was offered the job and started working at his new employer’s Portsmouth, NH warehouse in May 2023.

Hunter has excelled at his new position. He gets along really well with his friendly team members and enjoys listening to music while he picks and packs orders of medical devices for the company. As a hard worker who prefers some variety in his tasks, Hunter appreciates the diverse types of orders he completes each day. The longer kit orders are his favorite because he likes the level of detail they require. He says, “I like busy work, and each day is different. Time passes by really quickly here.”

As of July, Hunter was directly hired! He’s excited for his comprehensive benefits package and received a starting bonus as well. He also values being a part of his employer’s collaborative environment and attending company-wide meetings that keep each employee engaged in the business’s mission to fight cancer. Helping to provide such critical supplies for patients, says Hunter, “makes waking up early in the morning much easier.”

Hunter is grateful for Ben’s support in finding such a great position in his new town. His advice to others looking for a career change is to simplify the process by giving Leddy Group a try: “They find jobs that might appeal to you, apply for you, do all the paperwork, and then set up the interviews for you. And then you see what happens. I definitely recommend it.”

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