Leddy Group Success Story – Laura Raineri

Leddy Group Success Story – Laura Raineri

Laura Raineri was content in her position as a buyer at a global company, but she was curious to see what was next in her career. When a trusted former co-worker referred her to Leddy Group for help finding a new position, Laura heeded their advice. Now, after a few years of assistance from Leddy Group and considering multiple opportunities, Laura has finally taken the leap to the perfect new job!

Sr. Staffing Manager Kendra Palmer helps recruit professionals for engineering positions as well as for supply chain management in manufacturing settings, so she was the ideal Leddy Group team member to assist Laura in her job search. During their initial meeting, Kendra learned that Laura was seeking a challenging role closer to her home where she could “continually build efficiencies into her job, and find new technology to use.” Kendra shares, “Laura was fantastic to work with. What stands out to me, aside from her fantastic technical skills, is Laura always responded to me right away throughout this process… It gave me the indication she was serious about her job search.”

With her strong background, responsiveness, and driven nature, Laura was an excellent candidate, so Kendra presented Laura with several job openings over the last few years. None were quite right. Then earlier this year, Kendra had a strategic buyer role to fill at Safran Aerospace Composites, Inc., located in the New Hampshire Seacoast area near Laura’s home. Safran was looking for someone with proven materials requirement planning and procurement skills like Laura’s. Moreover, Kendra says, “Laura has experience transitioning to a new purchasing system, the very system Safran was switching to!”  Convinced that this might be the right match for Laura, Kendra contacted her right away. At Laura’s request Kendra helped set up the interview with the company’s purchasing manager, who was delighted to meet a strong candidate like Laura. She was hired and brought onboard very quickly as a Strategic Buyer/Planner in March of 2022!

In her new role, Laura is involved in regular purchasing and planning functions as well as special projects. She loves that her position allows her to learn about many aspects of the business. She also appreciates Safran’s business model, which she says is “very different from the manufacturing environments I have previously worked in. It is very organized and team goals are well communicated and the tools to reach those goals are accessible.” Like many folks, Laura was making her way from a remote position back into an office environment, but she found her transition “very comfortable… I appreciated how Kendra’s experience and skills made the move to a new company that much better.” Kendra says that this opportunity is a great match for both Laura and Safran: “She is learning and challenged in her new role, but the desire to learn and collaborate with her team is reciprocal and I understand they are both very happy!”

Laura credits Kendra’s perseverance for helping her land such a great job, and she has referred other candidates to Leddy Group based on her positive experience. She says, “Kendra has truly been a joy to work with. She is extremely professional but also extremely personable.  I think it is that combination that makes her and Leddy Group so successful in what they do.” Leddy Group is the first staffing agency Laura has worked with for permanent job replacement – as she says, “The bar has been set pretty high!”

When you are considering the next step in your career, the professionals at Leddy Group will work hard to help, even if it takes years to find the right fit. Laura shares, “My experience with working with Kendra and Leddy Group was exceptional. I always felt that Kendra worked diligently not only to understand what I was looking for in a position but also how well I would fit with the prospective employer. She took the time to get to know me and my skill set and experience, and that effort ultimately led to my position here at Safran.” Congratulations, Laura!

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