Leddy Group Success Story – Vonny McMullen

Leddy Group Success Story – Vonny McMullen

When Vonny McMullen moved to New Hampshire from Colorado, she searched online for a new job where she could use her extensive quality assurance experience. Vonny was interested in a full-time opportunity at a rapidly growing, innovative company in Nashua, NH. That position was listed by Sejla Beglerovic, Staffing Manager for Leddy Group’s Industrial and Skilled Manufacturing division. Vonny had worked with a staffing agency in the past, and she appreciated the streamlined job searching process that an agency could provide. That’s why, when Vonny received a call from Sejla about her application, she was ready and willing to get started.

As Vonny expected, working with Sejla made finding a new job a breeze. She says, “The process was very smooth. I applied and, in a day, I got a phone call from Sejla. She is awesome. She always answers my questions very quickly and it was easy to communicate with her.” Sejla promptly set up an interview for Vonny with the company’s hiring manager, which went very well. Vonny’s previous experience and professionalism made her a very attractive candidate to the quality-focused company, and she was intrigued by the business. She shares, “I never knew this kind of company existed, and I thought it would be cool to work there.” In just one week, Vonny received a job offer. She started at her new employer in August of 2022 and was hired on as a permanent employee in November!

Vonny enjoys working as a lab technician in her company’s quality assurance department. She spends her workdays inspecting manufactured products, performing chemical and physical testing on samples she has prepared, and analyzing and documenting results. Vonny meticulously ensures that all products meet customers’ rigorous specifications and are in compliance with ISO standards. Because her company specializes in sensitive technology, employees have to pass a thorough government security clearance. This was a first for Vonny, and she admits that it was a very long process, but it was definitely worthwhile because it’s a great company to work for and she is happy in her new role. Her coworkers love their jobs too, and are pleasant and easygoing. Working second shift hours fits well for her schedule. Vonny especially appreciates the company’s emphasis on providing a safe working environment and their comprehensive employee benefits.

Vonny is grateful for all the help Sejla provided to help her find such a rewarding new job. Vonny says, “Everything was perfect. Sejla assisted me from the beginning till the end.” Sejla says, “Vonny has been a pleasure to work with and I am so happy we were able to find the right opportunity for her.” When asked if she’d recommend Leddy Group to others looking for a new position, Vonny says, “Definitely.” Congratulations, Vonny, and welcome to New England!

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