Podcasts to Improve Your Careers and Broaden Your Minds

Podcasts to Improve Your Careers and Broaden Your Minds

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As you travel this holiday season to visit friends and family, you might be thinking of downloading some podcasts to listen to along your journey. The problem is that if you’ve never listened to podcasts or are looking for alternatives to the same ones already on your playlist, you’ll find that the vast number of podcasts out there can be quite overwhelming. Don’t fret, though! We’ve put together a list of popular podcasts that delve into topics covering each of our specialties (including interview tips!) and our staff’s own personal favorites.


The Engineering Commons: Three engineers from various industries discussing all-things engineering

Omega Tau: In-depth discussions on topics ranging from air traffic control to forensic engineering

The Engineering Career Coach: Everything you need to know about a career in engineering

Soft Skills Engineering: Explore how to become a better engineer by developing your soft skills  

Administrative/Executive Assistant:

Being Indispensable: Former EA Liz Van Vliet dives into how to thrive as an assistant

Be the Ultimate Assistant: International speakers and trainers Bonnie and Vickie explore topics relevant to succeeding as an EA

The Leader Assistant: Jeremy Burrows, EA, and his guests “challenge and encourage assistants to become confident, game-changing leaders”

Beyond the To-Do List: Who can’t use some tips on how to improve productivity? 

Light Industrial/Manufacturing:

Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Workforce:  This podcast covers the people part of manufacturing: Hiring, motivating, team building, and more.

Advanced Manufacturing Now: Timely discussions on all things production and manufacturing

Lean Blog Interviews: Lean expert Mark Graban converses with other Lean experts in a wide variety of industries

Machinist Therapy Hotline: Humor and machining talk all rolled into one! 


Accounting Best Practices: Short, but highly informational podcasts covering a range of important accounting topics

Accounting Today Podcast: Topics like tax, compliance, auditing, and technology as they relate to public accounting

Journal of Accountancy: Stay up to date on everything in the ever-changing world of a CPA

Thriveal: Jason Blumer believes collaboration trumps competition, even when it comes to accounting, and you will, too, after listening to his podcast 


Hiring Tips: Do you have 2-3 minutes to spare? If so, tune in for tips related to the HR professional.

7-Minute Job Interview Podcast: Job Coach Dayvon Goddard breaks down interview, resume, and career tips into 7-minute, bite-sized intervals

Nine-to-Thrive HR: Slightly longer than the 7-minute Job Interview, these podcasts focus on what’s important in the world of human capital 


Find Your Dream Job: Dive into topics like how to deal with job rejection and answering interview questions related to behavior

Copeland Coaching: Take charge of your career search with the help of Career Coach Angela Copeland

No B.S. Job Search Advice Radio: If you only have minutes to spare, listen to this podcast for down-and-dirty job search advice

48 Days: New York Times best-selling author Dan Miller helps you discover a career path that’s meaningful to you

Leddy Group staff’s personal favorites:

Pep yourself up with The Mindset & Motivation or slow your life down by following the advice on The Slow Home.

If you’re into true crime, try Crime Junkie, Red Ball, Root of Evil, and Full-Body Chills. If you’d like true crime with a side of comedy, check out My Favorite Murder.

Do you like to go more in-depth with your true crime? Then, try these single-subject podcasts: Dr. Death, the stories of a Texas surgeon whose lack of skills left many patients injured or dead; Bardstown, a podcast devoted to the tales of one man’s trail of terror; or Serial, an investigative journalism series that dives deep into one subject each year.

Listen to riveting interviews with celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and  alike on The Joe Rogan Experience and The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. 

What are your favorite podcasts?




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