Re-Enter the Workforce – Are you Ready?

Re-Enter the Workforce – Are you Ready?

re-enter the workforce

Re-Enter the workforce…

Maybe you left the workforce of your own accord, or maybe your position was negatively impacted by the pandemic. Whatever your circumstances were for stepping out of the workforce, you’re now ready to rejoin and we’re here to guide you before and during your job search. Begin with asking yourself these simple questions. Your answers will help you prepare for interviewing questions and help you evaluate your current needs. When you’re working with our expert team of staffing managers, these responses will guide our combined efforts!

Do I want the same type of job I had before leaving the workforce? Our priorities and interests in our personal lives change over time, and our careers are no different. Maybe you held a high paying, demanding position before you took a break, and now that you have children, you want a job that allows you the flexibility to leave early to catch your son’s soccer game and doesn’t sap all your energy. Or, maybe you learned new skills while you were out and want to apply those to your career. Re-entering the workforce gives you the perfect opportunity to assess if it’s time for a change.

Are my skills up to date? Skills become rusty if you don’t use them, so take some time to brush up on the tools you were using before you left your job. Then, using your network, find out if there are any new skills you’ll need to perform the job. Maybe you’ll decide to take a course online? Check out the NH Employment Security website  for Career Exploration & Training for great local resources, and then there’s LinkedIn Learning or Check your local city and schools websites – your city may offer relevant adult education classes, and you may even find free tutorials on YouTube.

Have I leaned on my network? Spread the word through your favorite social media platforms that you’re ready for a new work opportunity, those platforms where you interact with others whose careers you respect and admire, and in turn you are connecting with other professionals.  Talk to those you know in the industry to find out if their employers are hiring or if you need any special new skills to perform the job. Leddy Group can be your networking HQ too – with our knowledge and resources, connecting with our staffing managers is an excellent option.

Do I have my return-to-work plan in place? Going back to work will be a (big) change! You may need a wardrobe refresh, you’ll need to start a new routine, and if you have children, you’ll have to plan for their care, and come up with a back-up plan in case that falls through. Get these steps outlined before you have to enact them, and you’ll save yourself time and energy.

Am I ready for an interview? Be prepared to explain your absence and let your interviewer know that you have the skills needed for the job you’re interviewing for. Practice interviewing with friends, family, or in front of a mirror. Our staffing managers are also well-versed in assisting you with interview preparation! Your dedicated staffing manager is more than a “recruiter.”  (S)he will help you prepare for the interview, helping you highlight your strengths and transferable skills. Think of your Leddy Group staffing manager as the person who will help you improve your chances of getting hired.  Our website offers successful interview tips that will improve your interview preparedness.

Have I checked my references? The former boss or fantastic customer you used as a reference in the past may not remember you (or your skills) as well now; they also may have moved or changed their phone number or email address. Catch up with your references and make sure they’re still ready, willing, and able to put in a good word for you.

Re-entering the workforce after an absence can be an exciting time! Embrace the challenge and stay the course until you find your new path. If you need help navigating this new path, reach out to Leddy Group. Working with Leddy Group, can be the perfect launchpad to your career or next job. We have amazing customers throughout northern New England who use our services to help find them awesome talent – and maybe this time, that talent is you!

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