Re-Entering the Workforce

Re-Entering the Workforce

Re-entering the workforce after an absence can be an exciting time! Whatever your circumstances were for stepping out of the workforce, you’re now ready to step back in.

To help you prepare for your next role, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Do I want the same type of job I had before leaving the workforce? Priorities and interests in our personal lives change over time, and our careers are no different. Then factor in current reality. You may have a new result when you take priorities, interests and current reality into consideration. Re-entering the workforce gives you the perfect opportunity to assess whether or not it’s time for a change in the direction of your career.
  2. Are my skills up to date? Skills become rusty if you don’t use them, so take some time to brush up on the tools you were using before you left your job. Maybe you learned some new skills while you were out and can apply those to your career? Using your network, find out if there are any new skills you’ll need to perform the job(s) you’re targeting. Need to boost your skills? You might take a course online through or, or see if your community offers relevant online adult education classes, or check for free tutorials on YouTube.
  3. Have I leaned on my network? Spread the word through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) that you are in the market for a job. Talk to those you know in the industry to find out if their employers are hiring, or if you need any special new skills to perform the job. Get in touch with us at Leddy Group – we can help. Call us at 877-202-7005 and/or visit our helpful website: and see some of our current available positions.
  4. Do I have my return-to-work plan in place? Going back to work will be a big change! We’re no strangers to the fact that everything is different – be kind to yourself and recognize that the world of work doesn’t look the same as it did 6-months ago. Be as open as you can to new safety features and policies. Consider your backup plans for help if you have remote learners at home. We’re fans of using a task list. It’s proven to work, and completing tasks is very satisfying!
  5. How do I address my absence on my resume? You don’t. You address this in a cover letter and in the interview. Top your resume with a list of skills that are relevant to the position you’re hoping to get, rather than scaring away a potential employer by starting your resume with the end date of your last job as being two years prior. Make sure everything on your resume is up to date, and find out whether or not your resume contains the information hiring managers currently want to see. Helpful tip – check out our blog series on resumes!
  6. Am I ready for an interview? Practice interviewing with friends, family, or in front of a mirror.  Let your interviewer know that you have the skills needed for the job you’re interviewing for, and be prepared to explain your absence. We shared helpful tips to land a job interview here:  and we also covered useful tips for interviewing by phone or video here:

Re-entering the workforce after an absence can be an exciting time! Embrace the challenge, expect rejection, and just keep plugging along until you find your new path. It’s that simple. If you need help along the way, reach out to us. We have a variety of open positions that might be exactly what you’re looking for! We shared our phone number earlier – we invite you to use it! Call us at 877-202-7005 to talk with a Staffing Manager. We are real people helping real people.

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