Fran Lefavour

Worker's Comp Guru

Fran started with us in 1992 as a WC Risk Manager; however, we will use her exact words to describe what she does. 😊 

I started as WC Witch with Leddy to consultant with Leddy HR to a consultant to Spectrum to inbox dragon at Spectrum HR to a consultant at Leddy and inbox dragon at Leddy HR to “is that old lady still alive? “Her prior work experience spans 41 years in HR!! 

Interesting fact: I am still alive and working in my mid-seventies and no one can get rid of me. 

Favorite indulgence, pastime, hobby: Drinking, Harvey’s bakery vanilla birthday cakes, travel to the Caribbean, counted cross stitch, and crocheting hats for Pease Greeters to give to service men. 

Why Leddy? Cannot wait to see what happens next!!