Tim Provencal

Systems Analyst & Administrator

Tim joined our IT team in 2017. He is the “go-to person” for anything IT. Pre-LG Tim was a software trainer and application developer for many years. He is an alum of St. Bonaventure University. 

Interesting fact: I lived in the small village of Ama Chuma, Bolivia, for 4 years with my wife and two small kids. I tried to learn to speak Aymara and got acclimated to life at 13,500 feet (about half the height of Mount Everest) above sea level. Some kids taught me how to scare away dogs by pitching rocks at them with a traditional sling. I never hit any, but I scared a few. I have not practiced much lately, but I might be the best sling user at LG! 

Favorite indulgence, pastime, hobby: I am a voracious reader and always have at least two books going! I am a Lord of the Rings nerd and always available to answer questions about hobbits or the wandering of the elves in the elder days. I love to cook, and I am obsessed with good pizza. I am currently helping David Dwyer (President of Work Opportunities Unlimited) sample and rate all pizza parlors within one mile of every regional office! 

Why Leddy? I could not ask for a more collaborative and professional workplace. No matter what Team you are on at Leddy, we are all motivated to support each other and to help each other overcome obstacles. Even in stressful situations, people are focused, cool, and effective.