Success Story

Claralee Allard - Success Story

Sometimes, candidates come to us without ever having used a staffing agency and we have the privilege of helping them search for a new career. Other times, they have used another agency and come to us because they know what a staffing agency can do for their job search, or, as in the case of Claralee, they’ve had a negative experience with a staffing agency and want to see if a different agency might mesh with their needs. Luckily for us, Claralee decided to get to know Leddy Group.

Claralee found herself in need of a new job, and ready to work with a different staffing agency. She was on the hunt for a new position when a friend who was searching for a job at the same time suggested she contact Leddy Group.

Claralee decided to take her friend’s advice and reach out to Leddy Group. Cassandra Carroll, Staffing Coordinator of Leddy Group’s Rutland office, recalls, “She immediately impressed us with her drive to get back to work and her friendly personality.” Claralee went through the interview process with Leddy Group and within days, she was meeting with several different clients.

Although Claralee was interested in all of the potential opportunities, when a new position opened up with a local client, Cassandra and Dawn Mackay, Senior Staffing Manager of Leddy Group’s Rutland office, both knew that Claralee would be a fantastic fit. After a few calls, the client offered her the position on a long-term, temporary-to-direct basis that very same day.

Once she started, there was no doubt that the position was the right one for Claralee. “I love my job!” she said. “I have learned that flexibility with coworkers and equipment are part of my job, and I really enjoy the work.”

Cassandra agrees that Claralee is a great fit in her new position. “Any time we checked in with Claralee when she was working with us, even after her first day, she would only rave about how much she loved it. She continued to impress the client and us with her work ethic and drive.”

The client recently hired Claralee on as a permanent employee in December of 2019, but that hasn’t ended Claralee’s relationship with Leddy Group. She still keeps in touch and tries to stop into the office when she has a chance. In fact, she recently stopped in to say hello for Leddy Group’s winter Employee Appreciation Day.

Congratulations, Claralee! We are glad you decided to give our staffing agency, a try, and we wish you only the best for your future!