Success Story

Don Capps - Success Story

After Don Capps was discharged from the Air Force, he settled into the Greenville, South Carolina area and had a long and successful career in production. When Greenville’s population exploded and the subsequent increase in crime and traffic became too much, Don went in search of a better way of life. After a short stint in Montana, he headed to Vermont to live closer to his sister and was encouraged by the cost of living, a low crime rate, and far less traffic than in South Carolina. The only problem? Despite an impressive resume and great longevity with past employers, he was having difficulty finding a job.

Because he had found success in the past when he worked with a staffing agency, Don enlisted the help of Leddy Group to help him with his job search. According to Dawn MacKay, Staffing Manager for Leddy Group’s Rutland office, “Don had AMAZING work experience and longevity, which already made him a fantastic candidate, but once we got to know him, his calm, genuine personality shone through and we knew we could confidently introduce him to ANY clients and he’d very likely walk away with a job offer.”

Leddy Group placed Don in a temporary position and then into another, and although he was qualified for both, Don wanted to find a job that was the exact fit, so he asked Dawn and Staffing Coordinator Cassandra Carroll to keep looking. Don said, “Dawn and Cassandra were really accommodating. I was impressed with how they called me to ask what I thought of this job or that job, pay, hours, and all of that. They really went out of their way to find a perfect fit for me.”

And that, they did. When a position opened up with one of Leddy Group’s long-time manufacturing clients, Dawn knew it would be a home run. She commented, “We presented Don’s resume to our client, and of course, our client wanted to interview Don immediately, after which an offer was quickly extended.”

Don started his new job in June of 2019 and was converted to an employee shortly thereafter. “This is one of the best jobs I’ve had in a long time,” he said. “They’re flexible and allow me to work overtime or come in on weekends to finish a project.” As for using a staffing agency, “I always tell people who are looking for a job or are having a hard time finding a job to use a staffing agency. They always seem to find something, and if they describe a job to you, you know that because of their relationship with the company, their description is accurate.”

The Rutland team feels part of their success with Don’s placement was due to the relationship they were able to build with him. “Our connection with Don continued to grow even after we placed him in the position,” said Dawn. “Every week, he would come in to collect his paycheck and tell us about all the fun spots he was exploring in Vermont, and we would give him more recommendations of places to check out. He even brought his significant other in to meet us at our Employee Appreciation Day before he was converted to an employee, which was just such a nice testament to the rapport we had built with him.”

Welcome to Vermont, Don, and congratulations on your new position!