Success Story


Guinevere Matheis was feeling burnt out from the schedule of her retail position and needed something new, so she reached out to Leddy Group for assistance in her job search. “I hadn’t used an agency before, so I wasn’t 100% sure what to fully expect, but I wanted to try a place that I knew would help me find a job that fit me, instead of me trying to look around and apply to different places and get rejected. I also thought it would be nicer to be able to apply through them and have them support me, especially if the job wasn’t a right fit.”

Staffing Manager Katy Howard presented Guinevere with a few openings to consider. One in particular stood out: a call center representative at a local bank. Guinevere shares, “My fiancé had recently started working at a call center and I was curious about what those kinds of jobs entailed. I would still be helping people, but it wouldn’t be face to face. It’s a little bit hard to try and do things with family on the holidays when you’re working a retail job, but with a banking call center, you have time for family because you’ll have that time off.” Because the bank was nearby, she had assisted some of its employees as customers at her retail role and asked them how they liked their workplace. “All the feedback was positive. When Katy suggested that employer, I told her I had heard good things.”

Guinevere had an initial interview with Katy, who says, “It was such a pleasure to work with her. From the time of our interview, I was very impressed with Guinevere as a candidate and knew she would be successful. She is driven and passionate about what she does and about helping people along the way.” “Katy was so nice and willing to answer all of my questions,” shares Guinevere. “I was a little bit anxious that I wouldn’t get hired on full-time. She assured me that if that were to happen, Leddy Group would work with me to find a different job. Everything was really transparent. Whenever I needed help, she would answer me right away, which was amazing.”

Once Guinevere interviewed with the banking call center, Katy asked if she’d like to keep looking at other positions, but Guinevere had a good feeling and wanted to wait to hear back from the employer. She didn’t have to wait long; Katy texted her the same day of her interview to tell her she did a great job, and then two days later, confirmed that the employer was interested in offering her the role. Guinevere marvels, “The whole process was a lot simpler than I expected. I thought, wow, that was the fastest I’d heard back from a job!”

Guinevere started her new position on an interim basis at the end of August 2023, and became a permanent employee in November. Each day she assists members with their online banking passwords, balance inquiries, account-to-account transfers, and loan or credit card applications and payments. Her extensive customer service experience makes Guinevere a natural, and she has expanded her skill set, too. “I have learned a lot about online banking and how to troubleshoot it, which has been fun,” she says. “The system I use seemed a little daunting at first, but isn’t as hard to learn as I thought it would be.” Guinevere is thriving in her new role; Katy says, “I am so happy for her success so far and can’t wait to see where Guinevere goes from here!”

The environment at her new company is outstanding, shares Guinevere. “I love my coworkers and management has been so supportive. Their mentoring program is phenomenal. They really want people to succeed. And if at any point I am met with any challenges from members, or I can’t answer the questions, I can always call the management line and they’re willing and able to help and give me advice. They welcome being called, which is so nice.” Guinevere also enjoys her short seven-minute commute and her reliable hours, which coincide nicely with her fiancé’s schedule and allow her that valuable time to make plans with family. She says, “I am so happy I went through Leddy Group because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found this job.”