Success Story

Robyn Harris' Bright Future

Although Robyn Harris has a great skill set that would lend to her success in nearly any role, she was looking for the right position where the cultural fit was just as essential as the job title. She added several key ingredients to her job search that helped lead her to the perfect role: an open mind, the tenacity to keep looking until she finally found success, and the assistance from Leddy Group.

Robyn had been laid off from her position of three and a half years and was in the midst of a job search when she received a call from someone at River Valley Community College in Claremont, NH, inviting her to participate in a free six-week course. The course, Work Ready NH and National Career Readiness, focused on interpersonal skills, computer use, and other work-readiness training. Not one to let an opportunity pass her by, Robyn signed up for the course.

During one of the classes, a representative from Leddy Group spoke to the group about the company’s history and the benefits of working with a staffing agency. Intrigued, Robyn immediately set up an appointment to meet with someone at Leddy Group to discuss her job search. She commented, “Leddy Group was unlike any other staffing agency I had worked with. They had me do skills testing in several areas so my skills could be validated to potential employers and I could get placed in a position in which I was qualified. I really admired the company for performing this step.”

Robyn was placed in a supplemental accounting position where she enjoyed the work; however, it did not pan out to be a permanent role. When the assignment ended, she went back to Leddy Group where she worked with Daynia Langlois who found her a direct hire role. Initially, the position was a great match, but the organization underwent a few changes and Robyn felt the culture no longer met her needs. After a year, she gave her notice and went back to Leddy Group again to see what else she could find.

Leddy Group placed Robyn in a few supplemental-to-direct positions, the last of which was with a large educational institution in the Upper Valley. In her role as program administrator, she found the right combination of a great position and an ideal culture. “I can’t say enough good things about this place,” she said. “From the moment I came in for an interview, I felt welcomed. I work with four other women who know their jobs, take the time to teach you how to do yours, and are generally just amazing. I absolutely love it here and I love the work.”

The position was a perfect match and after a few months, she was hired on as a direct employee.

As far as working with Leddy Group, Robyn has nothing but nice things to say. “I was once told by someone that I made their day a little brighter. I feel the same way about the staff at Leddy Group and my colleagues. I feel truly blessed.”

Congratulations, Robyn! You have proven that an open mind, a positive attitude, and the guidance from an experienced staffing firm like Leddy Group is the winning combination to a bright future career.