Success Story

Colleen Brennan

With a goal of moving to the New Hampshire Seacoast, Colleen set out to find a job in the area before making the leap from her home in central New Hampshire. After four months of searching without success, she turned to Leddy Group for assistance. With their creative and knowledgeable help, she received the encouragement she needed to apply for—and land—a position she wanted despite not meeting the requirements.

When Colleen and Resource Specialist Lindsay Tebbetts met in Leddy Group’s Dover office, they reviewed several positions, one of which was a content marketing specialist role that required five years of experience. Colleen had seen the position advertised and was intrigued by it, yet she only had a year and a half’s worth of experience, so she kept passing over the opportunity.

Lindsay, though, convinced Colleen to go for it. Because the position had been open for a while and was with a Leddy Group client whom Lindsay knew, she thought it was worth a try. “Based on conversations I had with Colleen and my knowledge of the client, I thought she would be a great fit for the position,” Lindsay commented. “Also, the writing samples she sent me were great and seemed in line with what the client was looking for.”

Lindsay’s confidence in Colleen grew even stronger after talking with Colleen’s references who spoke of her ability to learn whatever was needed to succeed in a position. She set Colleen up with an interview and found her instincts were correct. “Both she and the client felt cultural fit was important, and after meeting, it turned out they were a good match for each other.”

Now that she’s been in the position for several months, Colleen knows she still has a lot to learn, but she has the support and patience of the team. “It’s different than what I was doing before, but they let me know it would take up to a year to get up to speed on everything the role requires, so that’s been reassuring.”

The best part about Colleen’s new position? It allowed her the ability to finally move to the Seacoast!

Congratulations, Colleen, and best wishes in your new position and home!