Success Story

Success Story - Donna Doyle

After being with the same company for 30 years, Donna learned her company was downsizing and her HR position was being moved out of state. She had the opportunity to continue on in the same position, but chose to move on instead. However, Donna was unsure whether she wanted to remain in human resources as an HR generalist or try her hand at something new. With Leddy Group’s help, she learned the answer was a little of both.

While Donna was weighing all of her options in her future career, she responded to an ad seeking HR candidates that was placed by Fran Lefavour, long-time consultant and employee of Leddy Group. Her discussion with Fran led her to Jessica LaPaglia, Regional Director of Leddy HR Staffing, who started to explore opportunities for Donna.

During the search, Jessica presented Donna with several temporary HR manager positions that matched Donna’s abilities with the requirements of the role. Donna, however, was convinced she would only be qualified for HR generalist positions. What she didn’t realize was that over the course of her 30-year career, she had gained all of the skills necessary to becoming an HR manager.

Jessica commented, “Our jobs in staffing are beyond just matching candidates to titles. It’s getting to know candidates as people and matching a candidate’s skills with a client’s needs. Culture is also extremely important.”

Donna agreed to take a temporary role as an HR manager, and even after the client’s hiring manager wanted her to apply to stay on in a permanent role, Donna got cold feet and declined because she felt she wasn’t qualified. Soon thereafter, Jessica called Donna with another assignment, again an HR manager position, which Donna agreed to take only because the role was temporary and they needed someone immediately.

While there, she was surprised to learn that she really did have the skill set necessary for the HR manager role. Looking back, she said, “Jessica had more faith in me than I had in myself, and if I had been more cooperative with her, I probably would have had a job a lot sooner.”

Even the client recognized Donna’s talents in no time and hired her on as a permanent employee in August of 2019, where she’s been ever since. Through her new position, Donna still maintains a professional relationship with Leddy Group. “I can’t say enough about Jessica and Fran and how wonderful they are. I listen to Fran’s webinars to keep me updated in worker’s compensation, and Jessica set me up with people to provide training to our supervisors. They’ve both been very helpful beyond my placement.”

Donna, we here at Leddy Group are excited to continue our relationship with you and congratulate you on your new role as HR manager!