Success Story

Mollay Jallah - Success Story

After a long and successful career as a teacher and school administrator, Mollay decided to change careers and go to school to become a massage therapist. Around the same time, his seasonal position had ended, putting him in a prime spot to assess his next move. Instead of jumping into another job right away, Mollay decided to take the opportunity to enroll in a free workshop designed to help job seekers. The decision turned out to be more successful than he expected. It led him to meet Daynia Langlois of Leddy Group, who matched him with a perfect position.

Immediately after Mollay’s seasonal job was over, he went to New Hampshire Employment Services, where he attended a presentation by Martha Mott. Martha is a representative of WorkReadyNH, a partnership between the Community College System of New Hampshire, the Department of Business & Economic Affairs, and the NH Department of Employment Security that provides a tuition-free program for job seekers who want to improve their soft skills, create strong resumes, and practice interviewing. After Martha’s presentation about the program, Mollay talked with her about registering and received approval to join the next session, which was starting just a few days later.

During the program, Daynia Langlois, Senior Staffing Manager of Leddy Group’s Lebanon office, presented to the group on how to prepare a resume. She also offered to engage in mock interviews with the participants to help them improve their skills and gave the job seekers the opportunity to explore employment options using Leddy Group’s services.

Mollay decided to take her up on that offer and met with Daynia shortly thereafter. “I wasn’t sure Leddy Group would have what I was looking for, but through the process, I made some decisions about what was and wasn’t important in my next role,” Mollay said. “I knew I wanted a position where I could interact with people, because that’s where I thrive.

For Daynia, the decision where to place him was simple. “I knew from the get-go that Mollay would be such a great match for one of our clients,” she said. “He had so many transferable skills through his many years in teaching. The key was finding him the right position that was long term and showcasing all those transferable skills.”

Soon thereafter, a position with the client became available that fit Mollay to a tee. The role was as a scheduler in a medical environment, where Mollay would work as part of a team and be in constant contact with patients. Daynia said, “I really felt like Mollay would be an excellent addition to this department, and it turned out that the client did, too. They interviewed him and offered him the position almost immediately.”

Mollay has been there since December and is enjoying his new role. “I was looking for a place where I could settle into a baseline role and hopefully grow while still going to school,” he commented. “My coworkers are kind and knowledgeable people, the environment where I work is very professional and disciplined, and my job really keeps my brain firing. I’m glad I decided to work with Leddy Group to lead me to where I am today.”

Congratulations, Mollay! We wish you great success as you transition to your new career path!