Success Story

Angela Perez – Relocation Success Story

Angela Perez relocated to Vermont from Wisconsin in 2015 and took a seasonal position at a country store while she got settled in.

When that position ended, she set off on a job search that lasted a month before she spotted an ad for Leddy Group. Not leaving any stones unturned, she reached out to Leddy Group to see if we could help. Not only did we find her a new job, we found her a career! Three years later, Angela is still in that same position, and she couldn’t be happier.

After Angela reached out, she quickly went through Leddy Group’s prescreening process and the job search began. Within a week, she interviewed for a dispatcher position with an alarm company and was selected for the role on a supplemental-to-direct basis. The match was so successful that within three months, the company hired Angela and she’s been there ever since.

Kristen Gauthier, career resource specialist with Leddy Group, says, “We knew that after the seasonal position at the country position ended, Angela was searching for a long-term opportunity with a place she could call ‘home.’ She has a passion for working with people and wanted to find a position where she is helping people, which she now does at a critical time for her customers—when their alarms are going off.”

As for her experience with Leddy Group, Angela was amazed by how smooth and easy the process was. She said, “They’re great people to work with. I had used a staffing agency before, but not with the same success. I think Leddy Group listened to me more and heard what I wanted. They put me with a great job, and it shows—after three years, I’m still there!”

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