Success Story

Blithe Milks- Rutland Success Story

After moving to the Rutland area, Blithe Milks’ husband had found success in his job search while Blithe had not.

Enough time had passed that Blithe decided temporary work was better than no work, so she turned to Leddy Group for help. With Career Resource Specialist Dawn Mackay’s assistance, Blithe not only found temporary opportunities, but she and Dawn built a rapport that allowed Dawn to recognize the perfect long-term role for Blithe when it came along.

Over the course of nearly two years, Dawn placed Blithe in several short- and long-term supplemental positions and continually checked in with her—even when she was between placements—to see how she was doing and whether she had picked up any new skills. Blithe comments, “I always looked forward to Dawn’s calls, especially when she had a new position for me. She was always excited to present them to me and I always knew it would be something I would enjoy.”

In the fall of 2017, Dawn reached out with a unique opportunity at a small family business. The client’s office manager of 30+ years left abruptly in the middle of their busy season and the client was desperate for help. Blithe went on the interview and instantly felt a connection with the hiring manager. “He was kind, friendly, and seemed excited that I was there,” says Blithe.

Her interview on Thursday turned into a request that she start with the company the following Monday. Although it was a quick turnaround, Blithe had no question in her mind that Dawn would be able to move her quickly through the process to make sure everything was in order so she could start that Monday.

Blithe immediately felt comfortable in her new role and especially in the cultural environment. “It’s great that everybody in this family business gets along; it has a great vibe of ‘we’re all in this together,’” says Blithe.

Dawn had no doubt that Blithe would succeed in this role, saying, “Blithe was always a joy to work with. She has the perfect mix of skilled professionalism and contagious personality you just

WANTED to interact with. It was exciting for me to be able to present her to clients. While she was always very successful in her roles, we knew that the right fit was out there waiting for her and couldn’t be happier that we were able to be a part of that connection.”

It only took a few weeks before the company hired Blithe on as an employee. She is still thrilled to be working with the company, and says, “This position offers phenomenal growth for me and I have Dawn to thank for that. Having that rapport with her was the key part in being able to do this and the fact that the company had faith that she knows how to do her job.”

Congratulations, Blithe, on landing a well-deserved, long-term role within a perfect cultural fit!