Success Story


After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2021, Tyler returned to work where he had interned for two summers, even relocating from northern Vermont to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the company. Unfortunately, he had outgrown the role. “I was starting to hit a ceiling where I was ready to move up in my career, and they didn’t have any opportunities ready for me,” says Tyler. Now he found himself in need of a new job in a brand-new area. Opportunity knocked when Tyler was contacted by Kendra Palmer, Sr. Staffing Manager in Leddy Group’s Engineering division.

Kendra saw Tyler’s potential and recruited him via a job search website. He was aware of what staffing agencies did, but Tyler had never partnered with one before. “When Kendra reached out, I thought I could really use the help of someone who is really familiar with companies in the area,” says Tyler. He shared with Kendra what he wanted in a new role: “I was looking for a company that was willing to invest in my development and give me the resources, and proper management, to grow on my career path.”

Kendra shares, “Tyler was wonderful to work with. He was transparent with me about the timing of making a change and his career goals. Tyler is a very good communicator. He summarized the projects he worked on, the actions he took while working on them, and the success that resulted. He provided just the right amount of depth. He was quick to respond to me and honest. I knew he was serious about his job search.” She began sharing his profile with clients, including OVIK Health, a subsidiary of global leader Milliken & Company, which responded right away.

Kendra helped Tyler secure and prepare for an interview with OVIK Health, his first with a potential employer, and it was a success. “Kendra did a great job,” Tyler shares. “She was very professional. She was able to take my feedback and help me state what I was looking for, and why I would be a great addition to a team.” Within three months of his first communication with Kendra, he joined the process engineering team in March 2023, at OVIK Health’s recently acquired Salisbury, Massachusetts manufacturing facility!

As a Process Improvement Specialist, Tyler focuses on leveraging continuous improvement methodologies. He shares, “It’s been going really well. A lot of what I’m working on are cost saving and yield improvement projects: anything to improve manufacturability, get more product out the door, and decrease internal costs.” Tyler is eagerly expanding his knowledge and increasing his responsibilities, including supporting ISO audits, qualifying machines and materials, and working on his Six Sigma green belt certification. “I am learning a lot and gaining a ton of good experience.”

One of his favorite aspects of his new role? “The ability to shift gears. I’m not stuck with one set of responsibilities for the entire time. It’s been great. Each project comes with new challenges; some I’ll work with quality, some are more supply chain-focused. There’s a lot of jumping around, and working with different fields.”

Another benefit is the overall corporate structure of Milliken. Tyler recounts, “In my previous role, the company was still gaining its footing, while Milliken is extremely mature in that sense. They have a very strong corporate presence and are a successful business.” Tyler feels this is reflected in the level of training and mentorship the company invests in its associates. When he traveled to corporate headquarters in South Carolina for training and a comprehensive introduction to the company’s culture, he was excited to learn that associates are encouraged to gain diverse experience and build their resumes by moving among the many plants and industries within Milliken.

Tyler is thrilled to continue learning and growing in his role, and knows that if he works hard, he has a bright future at OVIK Health and Milliken. For that, he is grateful for Kendra’s support, because without her and Leddy Group, he wouldn’t have considered employers outside of the opportunity-rich area of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Kendra widened my perspective, and encouraged me to take the risk, and it worked out really well,” says Tyler. “I’ve been very happy here.”