Tips to Landing a Job Interview

Tips to Landing a Job Interview

Landing an interview is the first step in securing a new job. At Leddy Group, our Staffing Managers understand the nuances of securing an interview, and we’re here to help. These tips will help you to cut through the clutter, differentiating yourself from other candidates vying for the same opportunities.

Use the following tips:

  • Customize your resume and cover letter for specific opportunities. Don’t “blast out” countless copies of your resume for any open positions. Instead, customize your cover letter and resume for each specific opportunity. By doing so, you’ll appear to have a genuine interest in the position, rather than just applying for anything and everything.
  • Use email effectively. Be specific in your email’s subject line. Instead of a bland, vague header (“Resume for your Consideration”), be specific about the job you’re applying for. Succinctly showcase why employers should open your email instead of the numerous others flooding their inbox. Your email, cover letter and resume should be intriguing enough to inspire employers to learn more about you in an interview.
  • Proofread carefully. Documents containing typos will be discarded – especially for positions that require careful attention to detail (e.g., accounting, administrative, etc.) Carefully check your documents for mistakes, and then ask someone you trust to double check them.
  • Be specific. Avoid vague statements like “I’m a great candidate for any available job.” Be specific, stating the position you want and why you’re an ideal fit.
  • Be succinct. While highlighting your qualifications, be memorable, compelling and concise. Busy employers won’t wade through long cover letters or complex resumes.
  • Research the company. Learn about the company, and then mention specifics as they relate to your preferred job opportunity, such as statistics, article mentions, products in development, and services they’ve introduced. You’ll outshine prospects that haven’t done this research.
  • Show your professionalism throughout. Don’t overlook seemingly “minor details” like your voice mail greeting or email address. Having “” as your contact email may disqualify you from consideration.
  • Use social media intelligently. Posting compromising content on social media means employers may not take you seriously. Keep your updates professional, using social media to build your brand. Don’t post anything inappropriate, confidential or controversial. Google yourself, review your public profile, and analyze whether your online presence showcases you in a professional way that you’d be proud for potential employers to see.

In a recent Community College system of New Hampshire/CCSNH course with WorkReadyNH – a practical, tuition-free program designed to meet the needs of job seekers and career builders, @WorkReadyNH the topic was mock interviews, with local hiring experts sharing first hand what is important to them when meeting candidates – take a look! Our Lebanon NH Region Staffing expert Stacey Plamondon, is quoted with her advice to job seekers.

Follow these tips to boost your chances of landing an interview and you’ll be that much closer to securing the job.  Reach out to one of our Staffing Managers! A phone call is a great, personal way to make a connection for your next opportunity – call us at  (877) 202-7005 or learn more about many of our opportunities at We know that one size does not fit all. With Leddy Group, you’re not a number.

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