Mariya Zhalkovsky’s Success Story

Mariya Zhalkovsky’s Success Story

Fresh out of college and new to the area, Mariya was looking to get her feet wet in an office environment. During her search, she happened upon Wilson Employment Networks and made two discoveries: First, she enjoys working within an office, and second, utilizing a staffing agency is one of the easiest ways to finding a new career.  

When she moved to New Hampshire, Mariya hit the ground running in her career search. She searched through listings on a popular job board website and applied for several roles, one of which was through Wilson Employment Networks. She chatted with a resource specialist who asked her what she was looking for in a position. Mariya said, “I wasn’t too picky, but I definitely wanted to work in a business environment to get a sense of an office setting.”  

The Wilson team worked on lining up interviews that aligned with Mariya’s experience and goals. Although most of her prior positions were in food service, she had worked as a front desk receptionist and in customer service for a health and wellness facility for six months prior to her move. Based on that, Wilson set her up with an interview as a service representative with one of their clients. 

“Working with Wilson was a really good experience,” said Mariya. “They set up the interview and called me afterwards to tell me that the company was interested in hiring me as a temp. That was pretty much it! The whole process was easy and smooth.”  

The temporary position gave Mariya the opportunity to test out a business office environment and satisfying Wilson’s client’s need to fill a role. She enjoyed the position not only because she was gaining the experience she wanted, but it was a good cultural fit. “It’s a small company, so I was able to get to know everyone and I felt comfortable sharing my ideas.”  

After several months, the position got even better. Allie Plack, resource specialist for Wilson Employment, says, “It was only supposed to be a supplemental assignment, but they liked her so much that she was hired on!” Mariya is now Technical and Administrative Coordinator.  

Mariya would definitely recommend working with a staffing agency. She commented, “They take a lot of pressure off the job search because they take care of everything.” 

Congratulations, Mariya! We wish you continued success.